Best motor for the fat man?


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May 30, 2008
Hi All,
I'm 6'3" 240lbs I am interested in buying the best most dependable kit for my size?
Anyone with staton drive experience that is the one that looks the best to me.
Thanks in advance!
Hey- you aren't fat, just big- at least I hope so...I'm 6'3" and close to that weight as well.

As for the engine, I have a frame mount, not a rack, but I have a Honda GXH50 and it pulls me around great. The Dax Titan is a similar engine (similar, not identical). I know Roy Carpenter on this site is a big guy- I know he rides a GEBE, but I don't remember what engine he has. See if you can look him up.


Just found it- Roy has a Golden Eagle setup with a Robin Subary 35cc engine, I believe.
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I've got a Mitsubishi TLE43 with a Staton Friction drive. It pulls me just fine, and I'm over 300 pounds. A chain drive system is even more efficient. So you could probably get away with a half HP less & go with the Robbins-Suburu. Or, get an engineless kit and external tank from staton, and get the TLE43 from Vizamotors
Thanks for the replies!
I'm looking at the staton gear and chain drive with the 4 cycle robins-subaru
The difference in price for the engineless kit is less than $90.00.
I already have a Tanaka 2 stroke 33.5cc and a 52cc chinese pocketbike motor but I like the idea of the mild mannered 4 stroke and for the difference in price I thought I might go ahead with the Robin-Subaru at the kit price and then I could try all 3 and possibly sell the less than perfect (but still good) others to recoup some of my cost?
The honda gx 50 is about as big as you can get before legally in most states your riding a moped [motorcycle]. 1 of the huge reasons a mab is so apealling to me is no tags, ins or license. I weigh 215 lbs and I was afraid a 35cc wouldnt be powerful enough but from reading here I think I was mistaken. Anyways the gx50 should be just right and if it has too much power hey theres always just half throttle!