Best motor to get?

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    Hello all and thanks for all of your help so far.
    I have a motor that just gave up the ghost I think. It has been knocking on the high rpms and today it gave a couple of bigger pops and slowly revved down to nothing. I tried to get it back working again without taking anything apart so far and no-go. Not sure what happened or what was making it pop really (pretty sure it was running rich) but I am Not sure if running rich for an extended period of time would kill the motor like that.

    Anyway. I'm looking at the possibility of getting a new motor. One with a little more umph that normal. Not looking to spend a rediculous amount of money on the new motor but willing to pay a decent amount to get the right one.

    A little about how I drive and where I live. I live near the gulf coast so it's pretty flat. I have a fixed gear set-up but looking at also getting a shift kit a little later. And most of my driving is just around town and nothing more that about 20 minutes one way at 20-25mph. So not very far. I'm not looking to set any land speed records but I would like the new motor to be ported, balanced, and possibly have a reed kit with a carborator. Not really interested in upgrades for electronics or exhaust. But if you have any suggestions please let me know and if possible post a link. Thank you all.