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    Hi im looking for a site that has the best selection of stock parts for a 49cc motorbike engine. I have heard of but I am looking for a site that sells a complete gearbox assembly.


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    Id like to know the answer to this one too :grin:
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    49cc motorbike engine?

    I'll chime in her to perhaps explain why there have been no responses? First your description does not provide enough information. There are several 49cc motorbike motors. Are you asking about the 49cc Chinese 2-stroke motor or the 49cc 2-stroke Pocketbike motor, or the 49cc 4-stroke Honda/Clone, or the ? motor. You ask about a complete gearbox for this unknown motor? There are several Reduction gear boxes available that will fit some or all of the motors available for putting on a bicycle. Staton Inc makes a gear box, Grubee makes a gear box sold buy several vendors, there is the Hoot gearbox sold again by several different vendors and then there are several others. Now if you mean a transmission type of gear box where you can shift gears like on a motorcycle? I don't know of any but there is a new kit that is built for the Chinese 2-stroke HT motors that allows you to use the existing gears on your bike as a transmission, and there is also the NuVinchi rear hub. There is no one site that has or sells all of these parts. Detailed information about all of the above parts and suppliers/vendors are available in the many threads here at MBC.

    If you can provide some more specific information about the motor you want to use and what you want the gear box to accomplish then specific answers can be forth comming from the members here.

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    I would be interested in first, HT parts / acc. suppliers that actually make it a easy to find and order product. I had to hunt for a dual pull brake lever, a dual kickstand .... on and on. Id love to see a site that carries HT parts as well as info kits on the 4 cycles.
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    The guy that seems to have the most available in the way of Happy Time 2-stroke small parts is also seems to offer small parts and some performance parts for the Grubee 2-stroke motors, though they don't sell the complete motors. The Grubee web page has alot of information about their products both 2-stroke and 4-stroke but don't tell you where you can actually find the parts. is the importer of Grubee kits and parts here in the US but they don't bring in every thing you will see on the Grubee web pages.

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    sorry my engine is a junk chinese one 49cc two stroke from ebay. the seller was kingspowershop or something along those lines
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    Hey them are fighten words mister ......... :eek:

    Where you see "junk" I see beauty - LOL.
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    Twas a questionable purchase on my part but the price was right
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    Thanks for that Bicycle Engines .com post. Ive got a motor appart in pieces and it will be a miricle if it ever runs again. I got a 70cc BGF Boy it was shipped as scrap! You wouldn't believe what I've been through!

    Do any of you guy's have tork specs or no where i can find a repair mannual on line?

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    To the best of my knowledge there is no repair manual for the Chinese 2-stroke motors. I think your best bet would be a general small engine repair manual that covers 2-stroke motors. The big chain bookstores Borders and the like have such manuals usually in the section on motorcycles or transportation. On line you might see what Amazon has, Or a call to the local small engine repair shop/lawnmower repair might get you the information you need?

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    Libraries have a pretty good selection of books, and they don't mind if you just leaf through them and leave without buying anything.