Best places to buy parts




or from your local bike supply autozone lawn mower shops it just depends on what you are looking for I get my chains from a local garage door opener shop they throw away the old chains and they are long enough that there is a lot of good chain on them and they are not the "bike" chain that some use personaly I want a good strong chain not a whimpy bike chain. Some times the guys at the garage door shop will cut the chain for me and put it on the bike they get a kick out of the bike.

I go to costum shops for transfers (tatoo) and use them on the bike to accent the paint job the tribal tatoos are cool )

I go to Goodwill for fender dec. I have a silver prop plain glued on the fender like a hood ornament.

right now I am looking at a 12 volt battery and case to power a head light and turn signals it is at a fun cycle shop (mini chopper) that will hold a charge for longer than an hour.

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