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  1. aero07

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    I want to be able to pull a child's
    trailer.(See picture) I might have to go with an in frame mount
    but was wanting some input on the best rack mount
    to use. As for as power and torque.
    I need some expert advise please.

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  2. bamabikeguy

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    I would not recommend carrying a live child at over 10 mph in one of those, especially if your Alabama roads are like mine.

    It's a nice thought, and I have one fella who carries 8-10 watermelons to town in season, another with an insulated pizza delivery setup.

    But those are low speed carriers, only weigh 5-8 pounds I'd guess.

    And if I was set on the idea, I might think electric, short trips and able to carry on a conversation with the passenger.
  3. aero07

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    I know - out there somewhere - they're people who take chances with there children, but I'm not one of those guys. We mostly ride in parks where we camp. We usually go really slow but some of the terrain can get kind of tough for a single speed crusier pulling a trailer. I wasn't going to use it all the time, only when needed. I really didn't need parenting advise what I need is a recommedation on the best setup for a rack mount with the best torque for pulling hills yet still be able to go 25mph or so when not pulling the trailer. Thanks for the advise all the same. If anyone has a recommendation on a setup I would appreciate it.
  4. mlcorson

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    I'd be looking at a Staton chain drive kit. I would get the sprocket(s) that would accommodate the best low speed torque. However, that may limit your top end speed. I would discuss this with David Staton before purchase. In the end, there will be a trade off somewhere between power vs speed. Hope this helps.
  5. JemmaUK

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    Personally I would go with the GEBE 32cc 2-stroke kit.

    Enough power to lug bike + rider + trailer + kidling with enough power to spare from stock - and no chance of a flailing broken chain slamming into the childs face... at any speed that could kill.

    Its also possible to pipe that motor - using a tanaka manufacturer part although since you are considering pulling a child you might want to fab up some sort of exhaust extender out past the back of the trailer - with the added advantage to keep the lil ones warm and with a large flat silencer fitted under the trailer... would make for quiet running (piped GEBE can be quite raucous)

    I would also suggest getting the slow running gear because with the standard gear the 32cc engine doesnt like slow speeds much - like all two strokes it thrives on revs.

    Jemma xx
  6. strotter

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    My $.02
    I have a Honda 50, staton friction drive, 1.5" rollar on a tandem. I pull a cargo trailer with up to 50lbs in it. I need to pedal from 0-10mph to get it going. After that the little honda has enough torque to pull me, passenger and cargo up to 30mph.

    I just ordered the staton "axle kit" with a subaru 33. I will be putting it on a beach cruiser. I also pull a trailer on that bike too. I will post how it does. (next weekend's project)
  7. bamabikeguy

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    MB.advise is free and entirely optional.

    But it is also intended to not only address the thread-starter, it also gives casual or interested readers a balanced look at a project idea.

    Searching "bike trailer" not only brings up THIS thread:

    At the very bottom of that page are 5 more similar threads, including one from spunout in the buy/sell category.

    I looked into such a request a couple of years ago, and was merely passing along the "Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute", "Should You Take Your Baby Along?" advise I found back then.

    For instance, they are banned in NY.
    Like I said, advise is entirely optional, but I would hate to invest $700 in a rack mount system to find the 2-cycle decibel level gets you in a bind with park rangers.

    And while considering about rack mount possibilities and solutions, some casual reader might think about buying a multi-speed tandem bicycle built for two, putting a rack mount 4 stroke (cleaner/quieter) on the back. All's you need to order would be a longer throttle cable.

    Then there are the MB.einsteins, who read these threads and go supersonic.

    e.g. I saw on the news an Kentucky couple built a bicycle built for 5, and are touring the country on a $300 budget.

    There are enough MB.geniuses on this forum to do something inspirational like this, somebody in Arizona put a hammock in the back section of a MB.tandem, iirc.

    Anyway, good luck whatever you choose.
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  8. eastwoodo4

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    i cant help but imagine after the first 50 miles looking back at the kids and thinking,i gotta tote your asses all the way there?

    thats insane!and dangerous!what a fruit loop.

  9. aero07

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    More useless bantering.
  10. augidog

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    all i'll do is speak for myself, but you'll find my input eerily similar to bama's: i've seen enuff proposed projects & watched the progression of enuff of them to immediately call to mind certain common obstacles...and if i inquired into whether you'd already assertained the trailer's chassis is up to the task, i wouldn't expect you to hold it against me. imagine the potential disasters if you'd needed the advice and noone spoke up, eh?

    "won't someone PLEASE think of the children" :jester:

    anyhoo: i know the robin-subaru eho35 could do the trick, maybe even the 25 if you're keeping this real low-key for safety. very very clean & quiet, and equipped with a proper catalytic converter, if it's rack-mounted i wouldn't forsee a fume problem...imo of course....and the exhaust could always be re-routed with a bit of ingenuity if you felt like it.

    also, the Golden Eagle belt-drive should be a serious contender when you make your drive-train choice...i've personally watched one (GEBE/RS35) in action on a schwinn tandem with two fairly heavy riders, so i know it can handle your intended payload. low-maintenance, smooth as silk.

    so there ya go, some input so you can figure out what's best for you. now lemme ask ya this: what kind of bicycle are you gonna build to do this? are you up to speed on what the faster sustained speeds do to regular bicycle components? IF you're not, then you'll be glad i asked...good luck :cool: