Best reed setup


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Dec 19, 2021
Ok, I want to settle this. My next build is going to be the fastest I can make it without spending too much. What reed setup is best? I hear that dio reeds leak alot, and am not too sure about g2 or Oz. Also, any recommendations for fast engines? I was gonna just go for a standard 66/80cc from cdh, and port it with a windowed piston, reeds and an mz65, but maybe there is a faster motor I can use.
Cruel not to!
Im in process of using my cast iron Mina take offs from the Athena build to build a detuned engine based on my old
faithful GT5. Will run a G2 reed and a good running Bofeng, along with a cleaned out stock muffler. Not looking for the white knuckle experience of a true Mina build, just a snappier errand runner.

We will see.