Best Spark Plug?

Discussion in 'Performance Mods' started by andyinchville1, Aug 16, 2007.

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  1. HI All,

    I know there are many plugs that will fit the Dax 70 engine but has anybody taken the time to actually see what the best plug is in terms of power output?
    Has anybody here taken the time to index the spark plug....If so were the benefits worthwhile?....How about side gapping too as a performance enhancer?
    Thanks all....

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    i know it's gonna look like i'm picking on you (you have 2 "repeat" new topics this morning & my job is to look out for that stuff)...but there are several spark-plug topics, please post your theory in one of those to revive and expand on relevant/existing info.

    new topics about old info only buries the good stuff deeper and makes it less likely the next builder will find it, resulting in more repeat topics, and so on & so on...

    i'll leave this one open tho...
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    were are the repeats cause I have been searching for spark plugs and which one people use and nobody seems to answer the question. The list of spark plugs that one guy gave. I dont know about seems like they are hard to find and when i did look at it the spark plug it was actually bigger than the one i have from what the motor came from. I was wondering the samething about the spark plugs. How often do you have to replace them also? Were can you find one. What one have you actually used and works really well.
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    nope...i do believe you've made the point :cool:

    another thing for our new members to ponder: the "Forum Help & Suggestion Box" isn't used near enough...if you're new to forums or need help with pictures, or avatars, or searching, or your questions in there! this would allow more experienced members to help you learn how to navigate the place, AND it would help bond the community.

    and it would reduce the "complaints" that muddy up the techie a member of MBc, you're as responsible as staff for keeping the place let's get with the program, eh?
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    greguk...even after what i just posted above, you followed it up with a duplicate of a post in another topic!!!

    cripes, guys, learn how to use forums or keep yer hands off...we're gonna start deleting stuff, this is getting way old!!!
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