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Discussion in 'Bicycle Repair' started by jus-bored, Feb 21, 2013.

  1. jus-bored

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    To make it short. I took out the motor from my single speed and transferred it over to a cannondale
    with hand brake. I hated the fact that the old bike was a single speed and it had coaster brakes. So now I have a dilemma on where to buy a new brake lever that take both the brake and clutch. I know SBP has the ones where it has a dual pull meaning one lever both front and back but I want something a little more of a factory look. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. I cant wait to get this done so I can post pics up. Thanks

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    Does the coaster brake wheel fit the Cannondale frame ? If so, that would be cool, a coaster brake is a good idea if you live in hilly
    country. I'd recommend a good Coaster Brake, heavy duty, wheel, and use a clamshell sprocket / hub Cannondale is a good bike, it rates a good wheel. As far as a ' stock ' lever ? What's stock on a conversion anyway ? I like the combo brake lever, set mine up like an old
    Moto Guzzi 70 / 30 If you live near morons, 3 brakes is barely enough . Be extra careful of parking lot exits !
  3. jus-bored

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    I want to stay away from coaster brakes. Im not really a fan of those types. What brake setup do you have? Any links would be great. I will start ordering parts for this tomorrow night.