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I want a headlight that is at least as powerful as a moped headlight. Strong enough to be seen, and powerful enough to see the road at 30 mph.

It can either be 6 or 12 volt, and I will hook it up to a rechargeable battery pack.

Anything you can recommend would be greatly appreciated.

I have some dinky little thing that I found on a bike i got for 8 bucks at a police auction. It works ok, but mainly it makes other drivers aware of me.
Cookie showed me some links to a moped light/rechargeable battery setup that's pretty trick, can't find it...maybe she'll chime in with that info for you :)

what i've done to now is use some hong-kong cheapo led's front and rear & a ton of rechargeable Ni-MH batteries, most excellent for safety visibility. believe it or not, the 5-led headlight lets me ride safely in the pitch-dark at about 20mph, better than sitting at home doing 0mph 8)
Augi is this the one you talking about.
Maybe Cookie will give us some more info.
I've been happy with the Blackburn Quadrant/Mars combo for bikes and mopeds; haven't ridden the motorized yet at night though.
They are over here:
These guys also have some cool rechargeables:

If you really want something nice that you can switch to all bikes, mopeds, motorcycles, ect. then you could always go for a HID light-that'll keep ya seen.

There are some really cool little LED lights that would be great for "be seen" lighting, Knog Lights. I've only seen one and have no experience yet with them, but it looked very simple and very versatile. Hopefully I'll have some experience with them soon.
Pilot Automotive Wangs PIL Oval Indigo Lens White Beam 55 Watt Driving Lamps With 7 Color Selectable LED Accent Rings (3-1/2" x 2-7/8")

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