Tires Best tire so far Bell Sports roundabout.

Discussion in 'Bicycle Repair' started by currentresident, Sep 7, 2012.

  1. currentresident

    currentresident New Member This is the toughest tire I've had so far after 80000 miles It lasted 3000 miles without failure with about 185 pounds on the wheel. The inflation pressure is listed at 65 psi but I ran it at 78 psi you can see there is a slight separation of the rubber. The tire is foldable and sets very accurately on the rim a matrix 26 mm wide. These are $20 at several department stores the other 1.75 inch tires made by bell sports did not last as long as the roundabout which is made by Cheng Shin. Most kevlar belted tires 1.5 inches wide last 2500 miles under these conditions.

  2. wheelbender6

    wheelbender6 Well-Known Member

    I have had very good luck with dept store tires on my motorbike. I use the cruiser or city tires, but have not tried their off road tires on the motorbike.
  3. Fabian

    Fabian Well-Known Member

    The best mileage i've had out of a tyre is 6,000 miles (Kenda Flame 26 x 2.125); granted that it was always being run a low pressure (24 psi) which induced a lot of sidewall flex, but my tush prefers a comfortable ride over a fast ride.

    A conventional (full tread) mountain bike tyre only lasts 2,000 miles (on the front) and 1,000 miles (on the rear).
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  4. loquin

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    currentresident - did you have a typo in your post? did you really mean to enter 80000 (eighty thousand) miles ? Or, should it have been 8000 (eight thousand) miles ?

    I find 80000 miles hard to believe, when I've never gotten more that about half of that on my car.
  5. currentresident

    currentresident New Member

    An update I got a 6mm thread cut in Omaha and put a boot in it a salad dressing squeeze packet. I tossed the tire in Fayetteville Arkansas the boot was still holding never have I seen a boot hold this long. No typo I have 80000 touring miles so have used nearly every mountain bike tire made in the 1.5 inch wide size.
  6. kimballn

    kimballn New Member

    what is the most milage you got on a 2-cycle motor?

    very impressive. I'm new to motorized biking and wondering what is the most mileage you have gotten on a 2-cycle motor?
  7. cpuaid

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    i will have to agree on the Bell Sport Roundabout tire as being extremely rugged. I have 4700 miles on the front tire so far and counting but have noticed minor sidewall separation at places. i swapped out the rear tire after 4500 miles to Kenda MTB treads and am still using it on another motorized bike as front tires. For around $20 they are an exceptional value.
  8. Fabian

    Fabian Well-Known Member

    This particular tyre had 10,000 kilometers (6,000 miles) of use, being run at 24 PSI all of it's life (i prefer comfort over any speed increase greater tyre pressure can give) and the sidewall gave out long before the tread did.
    I found this tyre (with a similar tread pattern to a Kenda Flame) in the $20 discount (deleted items) parts bin at my local bicycle shop. The thing gave good traction and just refused to wear out, at least on the top part of the tyre.

    For the last 5 or so miles of the tyre's life, i patched up the sidewall tears with duct tape to get me to my destination.


  9. jhammondcpa

    jhammondcpa Active Member

    My bike came with Kenda Flame 24" 3" tires. After struggling to get the proper clearance for the chain I gave up and changed tires. I tried to find the Hook Worm 24" 2.5". My backup tire is the Geax 24" 2.3 BMX pro tires. They can run at higher PSI and they might actually increase my road speed. I like the look as well! geax tattoo 24 2.3.jpg
  10. butre

    butre Well-Known Member

    I'm rocking a 24 inch Michelin country rock. it's outlasted the Chinese tire I had by about 900 miles so far and shows very little wear.
  11. currentresident

    currentresident New Member

    Well Bell has pulled a fast one. I can no longer find them with a kevlar belt. Had an unexpected sidewall failure in an Inova tire which I also believe are made by Cheng Shin in nowhere Alabama. The non Kevlar Roundabout was the only tire WalMart had that would fit under my fender. Let the buyer beware. This is unfortunate as Bell Sports was the only tire brand that made a Kevlar 26 1 3/8.
  12. butre

    butre Well-Known Member

    my country rock is still going strong
  13. mogogear

    mogogear Member

    I found Bell Sports ( 26 x 2.125) at my local super grocery store- Fred Meyer here in Portland for normally $19 selling for $7.50 per..Kevlar--bought a set even though not needed. Good to have a great back up plan.....Best $15 I ever spent
  14. TobiasKilroy

    TobiasKilroy Member

    I'm new to motor riding.

    so i'm looking for some long lasting tires.

    Me and my cruiser together easily weigh over 400lbs maybe even over 425.
    I prefer a vertical riding position which means my rear tire carries at least 75% of the total load.

    So I am looking for tires that will last longer than 1000 miles or 2 months of daily city driving.
  15. The_Aleman

    The_Aleman Active Member

    I'm 225-230 and ride heavy bikes, often with loads. My bike and I always exceed 300lbs. I'm running CST C1218 and have over 3K miles on em.

    The front still looks new, the rear is at about 85% remaining. No flats yet in 2 years. I put well over 15K miles on this brand of tire on pedal bikes years ago.
  16. TobiasKilroy

    TobiasKilroy Member

    The C-1218-4 is what I currently have on my rear wheel. I've got less than 200 miles on it and you tell it's been down the road. Plus in the last 3 weeks I've gotten 7 flats.

    It's not a bad tire, but I want better.
  17. KCvale

    KCvale Motorized Bicycle Vendor

    That hurts just looking at.
    Do you park in a pond?
    Just kidding bud but chain oil is cheap and a good thing ;-}

    I like Kenda tires too and my wife delights seeing my builds with them, but then again she knows about tires and just named Kenda ;-}