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Discussion in 'Bicycle Repair' started by jweeks, Aug 7, 2008.

  1. jweeks

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    im running a friction drive on my 20" bike its my first build and im wondering what tires are best to not wear quickly

  2. sparky

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    Depends on what size 20" tire you'd like. I'm running a 20"x1.95", and this is what I chose to go with:

    I love these tires!! I have a chain driven setup, but after hundreds of miles there is just barely anymore wear on the back tire than the front. And that wear coulda just as easily come from being on the kickstand, me revving the engine up, and dropping the back end to stop the tire...

    I'd definitely be ordering a set of kevlar tires from Dans Comp, tho! Go ahead and get ya some rim & tire liners for both sides of your tubes... and think about heavy-duty or thorn-resistant tubes.
  3. Esteban

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    I have used friction drives for years, & from my experience, if you TAKE IT EASY with this type drive, most any tire [ no knobby tire ] will hold up well. I have $8 tires on one for a long time !!
  4. stringer

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    That is very good info, thanks.

    Am I to assume that jumping small curbs etc is a no-no with a friction drive bike, or am being overly cautious?
  5. sparky

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    Jumping curbs should be a no-no for all motored bikes, not just friction driven MBs... especially rack-mounted engines as the higher center of gravity could cause the bike to lean heavily. Plus, when you consider that the majority of curbs are right next to tiny pebbles, gravel, & sand... it's definitely not recommended to jump any curb at any time.

    You can jump curbs as much as you'd like, but nobody here should be recommending to jump curbs of any kind. If you don't like your skin, go ahead... try to jump & expect to fall. Otherwise, stay on solid ground.
  6. waylow

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    This is why it was important for me to get a cruiser for my MB. I have a BMX and a nice mountain bike to ride when I want to be crazy and hurt myself haha. I am always all bruised and scabbed up. I currently have bruises or broken skin on both arms and legs.

    Live Hard, Ride Hard, Die Ha...Happy!

    haha I am getting old quickly, but I still ride like a 15 year old, I jump off or over everything in town that I can find, and jump down every staircase I can find (and I live in a very hilly town, campus alone must have over 1000 out door flights of stairs) its all good fun. And well, here in Texas, You ain't a Cowboy unless you get back on the horse after you fall.

    But with my huge framed, non-suspension cruiser, I cant even ride a 2 foot wheelie on it (trust me, I tried a lot), so when my rack mount is complete and it is top heavy, I think it will be steady and safe. I might look into getting some suspension forks and disk brakes in the future.

    Thanks for letting me ramble

    On another note, I don't mean to hijack your thread, but it it titled "Best Tire"

    What does everyone think is the best tire for a high speed rack mount?
    I don't want a blow out at 40mph! (I dont expect to run at that speed every day, But I know I will do a few high speed runs eventually haha)
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  7. pumpbuilder

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    Well aside from Sparky's notes I have jumped on and off curbs on my older bikes before the bent here many times, it really depends on if the kit has any flexability.

    Tire wise I use Maxxis Hookworm 110 PSI tires. Good long life and the high PSI works sweet with friction drive. Best tire for 20" I have ever found.