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  1. Does anyone have any suggestions for the best, longest lasting tires for use with friction drive (Staton kit) for clean dry pavement? I am planning to do some 300-400 mile trips with it. They would go on standard 26" wheels.

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    Slicks are best but best brand and model will depend on budget. Harder compound tires last longer but sacrifice a small degree of road hugging ability. There are dual compound tires, firmer mid-tread and softer on the corners but they're pricey. Check the sticky at the top of this page, Lou has good suggestions listed. Continental and Michelin also good labels of course.

    Which ever tire you choose, think about adding tire liners and thorn proof tubes for long rides.
  3. Ok, thanks. I didn't see that. I should have done more searching before posting the question. Cost is not really an issue if they last longer. Even though changing a bicycle tire is a simple enough matter, it becomes more of an issue if you are on a several hundred mile trip. I have always used the thorn resistant tubes, carried an extra standard tube, a patch kit, and a bottle of Slime. I have found out than in many cases, the super thin tubes many cyclists prefer for weight reduction cannot be repaired, with either a patch or sealant, because when they are punctured, they tend to rip, leaving a much larger hole than what punctured them, and sometimes several holes. The thorn resistant tubes don't tend to do that.
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