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    This is the best trike I have seen for adding a motor to. You can buy the trike with out the electric motor and ad your own petrol engine, but don't tell him about it because he hates gasoline (and I have to agree with his dislike of them, but I realize that batterys are not what they should be yet and the whole electric thing cost musch more).

    Also the seat that is in this photo needs to be reinforced with epoxy. or you can add a stronger seat.

    So has any one seen a better trike?
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  2. PatrickW

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    My own project wil be done within the week. But I have been looking very covetously at the Trailmate "Low Rider" with Skyway Mag wheels and what look's like stainless frame. It is cheap with a 3 speed hub if you are going to motorate it. See Dave Staton's page at in the lower left corner.
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    I like the red tadpole (electric) Although is there adequate room to slot your 49cc in behind the seat? Handling wise it would eat any other design (i will deny saying that if 'OtherDoc' calls me on it though LOL)
    Might want to have a look at Recumpence RC motor powered tadpole trike before totally discounting electric too...if you want superior performance electric is the way to go for powered bicycles 0-50mph in 4.5 seconds spinning the rear tire the whole way LOVE to see a 49cc china motor get even close to tripple that time.

    Best of luck with your decision my votes for the tadpole though mate simply on handling

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    building to fit

    I think these could be built to fit a motor behind the seat.