Best tuned pipe for "80cc"?

Discussion in 'Performance Mods' started by DJEEPER, Jul 26, 2009.


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    I was looking on the SBP site and saw their tuned pipe for 64 bux.

    sounds good to me. I have heard of people getting up to 10 mph more out of the bike as a result.

    can anyone put in their .02?

  2. radrob

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    havent tried theres yet. have used spookytooth's great power . very very loud!!!
    here is what i ended up using. found it on ebay for $25 made 1 cut . twisted it to where it fit. connected the 2 cut pieces back together with a piece of high temp silicone hose. made 1 bracket at the old kick stand bolt and 1 wrapped around the muffler and attached at the chain idler.took all the baffles out . love it!! way more power!!

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    DJEEPER Member

    Well i bought the SBP Tuned pipe and i will say that it really does give my bike some pep!

    Where i would normally be bogging into 7th, i can now actually accelerate into it with some good power.

    i give it :D :D :D :D .5 out of 5!
  4. MotorBicycleRacing

    MotorBicycleRacing Well-Known Member

    how fast u going with that sick bike pipe man? 7th gear? 10 mph more? 50mph??

    DJEEPER Member

    Lol, i doubt i got it up to 50, lol....

    It was very windy yesterday (which is my biggest arch nemesis) so i couldnt get going for too long before a big gust smashed me in the face.

    I will test it out today and see how fast it goes!

    it is a nice pipe though! Makes it sound like a real 2 stroke for sure.

    side note from yesterday: I noticed that it wants to 2 stroke almost all the time, unless i have it at like 1/8th throttle....which is normal i believe.
  6. clay

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    how about this tasty little treat


  7. radrob

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  8. scooter09

    scooter09 New Member

    did for me-also get a cns carb bicycle 40 mph easy!
  9. Ode

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    Is this system now finished? Can you show us an image with the outlet in place? Are there any baffles or spark arrestor in the system? Do you have performance specs contrasting this item with the stock unit (catalytic converter equipped)? Dyno results? Performance figures? What size rear sprocket are you using? Tyre size? Any other mods? If you made this yourself, can you supply a blueprint for others to duplicate? Those slightly curved sections of the chamber look tricky to replicate on the home shop work bench...Was this system originally intended for another motor?

  10. clay

    clay Member

    man, that is a lot of questions, ill try to get them is finished. no baffles .thread, this bike is the testbed. i never rode it with the stock pipe. no dyno yet. 40mph, 24.5" tire, 8000 rpms, dual carbs, 36t sprocket. blueprints are 20 bucks. the curves are pieces of a u-bend, they do nothing to hinder or improve performance. it was built for this exact motor, 20 bucks for those dimensions as well. no.

    coming soon

    the bike

    the pipe
  11. scooter09

    scooter09 New Member

    In Minnesota my bike is classified as a motorcycle...I am looking for a front brake lever with brake light switch.Any search ideas?
  12. khillr48

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  13. scooter09

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    Brake lever

  14. Barbie's hubbie

    Barbie's hubbie New Member

    Clay, is that stainlees steel you're working with? did you TIG it? That's the neatest one I've seen, How much would it cost to have you build me one?
  15. scooter09

    scooter09 New Member

    MBc,Check out tuned pipe at Spooky Tooth or Sick Bike Parts.$50&65 dollars tunable,good gains,look nice,can put a muffler on them.Also CNS carb at Bicycle best improvements you can make.It is what I have done...Sick shift kit next,I cruise smooth & easy now at 38 m.p.h.;36 tooth rear sprocket,Hills are easy,Easy take off.
  16. clay

    clay Member

    yes and yes. 130 for a stainless pipe. i have two versions, one is for a stock motor and one is for a ported one.