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  1. senorpyz

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    What do you think is the best upgrade for the chinese 2 strokes? Best bang for the buck?

  2. a smaller rear sprocket and performance aircleaner.
    higher in price are performance muffler and jackshaft kit.
  3. stude13

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    the sick bike kit and their parts line are very good buys.
  4. go to and and you will find some really nice upgrades.
  5. kallsop

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    The best upgrade is to get a Honda or Robin 4 stroke :)

    I find the biggest issue with the motorized bicycle is the engine vibration. The best upgrade is Locktite and double nuts.
  6. yeah lets spend $300-400 on a 4-stroke that would help a lot,lol.
    use rubber between engine mounts and frame.
    and double nuts.
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  7. blime81

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    Best bang for the buck is to cut a piece of cardboard and RTV it into the inside of the clutch cover. It is amazingly quieter.
  8. Shadeslay

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    From a stock kit

    Plug and wire. I would rate about the best for the cost

    Match exhaust and intake ports. Free it doesn't get much cheaper then that.

    Air filter. Stock gets oily and dirty so quickly you are bound to lose power.

    tuned pipe. A bit more costly then the previous, but about the best performance gain you get from these motors for time/effort/cost.

    Shift kit. I would say is the best, more expensive then the motor. Being able to stick it to the stock chain tensioner "priceless".
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