Best way to plug gas tank?

Discussion in 'Rack Mounted Engines' started by nightrider, Feb 2, 2013.

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    I bought a Staton 6-liter tank a while back to adapt as my main fuel tank. The problem is that it has a 5/16" barb on the bottom. Not only is the barb way too big to fit the 1/8" fuel line on the engine, it's on the wrong surface since I have the engine over the tank. So I want to cut it off and seal the hole. What's the best way to seal the hole so it won't leak? The only idea I can come up with is a stainless bolt from the inside, nut on the outside, maybe with neoprene o-rings on both sides of the hole, but I don't think I can reach the bolt head with any screwdriver to keep it from turning while I tighten the nut.

  2. Anton

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    Probably the best way would be to get some 5/16" fuel line attach it to the tank nipple and then just kink it over and zip tie it.

    Are you sure you can't find an reducing adapter of some sort?

    Can you heat up the 1/8" fuel tube and try and mold it onto the 5/16" nipple? Or how about file some of the plastic away from the nipple to make it fit the smaller tube? Or what about a combination of both?
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    Engine over the tank? How is the gas going to get to the engine? Most small engines are gravity fed. Usually, you mount the tank higher than the engine unless you have a primer bulb on the carburetor or a fuel pump.

    As Anton stated, heat the 1/8" fuel line to soften, then slide over the 5/16" barb fitting or use reducers from an automotive parts store.

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    I was thinking exactly the same thing but I think he means the engine is in front of the gas tank and the gas tank is towards the back of the bike!
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    Honda GX35, so yes, it does have a primer bulb and it does use a diaphragm carb to suck the gas upward. Like the Subaru EH035, Tanaka Purefires and other such small engines, it usually has the stock tank underneath the engine.

    I've decided to try to go to Home Depot and find a stainless screw with a minor diameter the same size or just bigger than the inner diameter of the barb, then just screw it in tight.
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    Night that won't work and can cause a fire. If this is a nipple your trying to cap only way is to put a rubber cap on it then use a clamp to secure it. Any pics of this tank? Aftermarket right? Why aren't you using the stock honda tank?
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    Looked up that tank and an idea I had won't work...............................
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    Why would it start a fire? The barb is about a half inch long, which should provide plenty of area for threads to seal. It wouldn't be much different from the gas tank drain plugs that old cars have and some newer cars still do.