CVT Best way to rig NuVinci CVP?

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    What is the best way to rig a Nuvinci hub gear for the lowest gear?

    Run a chain from the motor to the 44 sprocket on the hub and another from the crank to the smaller sprockets?

    Or motor to the crank to the 44 sprocket, but would this give me too low of a gear? 2mph is ok for a trike.

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  3. ya know i own a nuvinci and i have no idea what im looking at in that pic... as for the lowest possible gearing, i have a 32 tooth sprocket on my hub and a 20 tooth free wheel on my staton gear-box. you could go with a 16 or less from the gearbox and itd climb friggin walls!!!
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    from the caption below the picture...
    The small sprocket is driven by the chain from the pedals. The medium-sized sprocket is driven by the motor/gearbox. The largest sprocket then drives the rear hub sprocket.

    For the lowest speed/highest ratio, make the engine (gearbox) sprocket as small as possible, the NuVinci middle sprocket as large as possible (40T) and the largest sprocket shown in the picture should be as few teeth as possible. Staton could tell you what that size range can be.
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    Don't want to jack this thread........
    Regarding powering and pedaling a Nuvinci hub:
    Can you put a sprocket on the disc mount and run a chain to motor, then run a regular bike chain on the other side to the pedals??
    Would this work?? When the gear ratio is changed, would it effect both sides of the hub??
    I think Staton used to sell a kit like this.....
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    This is a good idea, but I don't think the RPMs from the motor would be reduced.

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    So, you don't think changing the gear ratio would affect the sprocket on the disc mount?
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    you should ask some one that has one of these hub gears....I am not at all sure of how they are set up.

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    I abandon the idea of Nuvinci once I heard from a reliable sorce that they slip when their in high range and under power.
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    Interesting. This is the first I've heard of it... You would think that they would be more inclined to slip when at the in lowest range (greatest reduction) ...