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best way to seal fuel tank and valve connection



Does a person just have to really tighten the threaded valve into the tank to keep fuel from leaking?

There is a small red gasket type seal between the valve and my tank.

I don't want to strip the threads by over tightening.

Any suggestions of some good materials to seal it up?

Thanks in advance.

I searched for a while. If there is a known thread I'd appreciate the link.



now that you ask, i did have to really tighten it down on one build i've done...even had to add a spacer to get the valve to line-up correctly...it hasn't leaked yet, tho.


Also, for future reference, I used "Seal All" on my first build since the shut off wouldn't line up without hitting the frame. No red gasket at all and no leaks in 600++ miles.

I coated the threads, screwed it in and let it sit for an hour.