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There has been alot of talk at times about flat tires. I think we need better tires and tubes because I'm forever having to pull the back wheel off and fix another flat tire . The tires I got at Wal - mart looked so good when I first put them on the bike I was pleased as punch but now that I've had them awile I realize that they are too thin and don't protect my tubes well at all.I need a good heavy duty tube and road tire that will stand up to a pounding riding along the sholder of the road. Right now I'm using a standard tube with a linner and some electrical tape to protect it from the spoke nubs. Next I'll look at Worksman for a heavy duty tube , linner,and tire and slime it right off the bat. Wish me luck...... and Happy motoring to all and to all a good nite..................... Tom in WV


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Aug 4, 2006
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Maybe pump your tube full of slime. I wonder if it is possible to have solid rubber tires for your back wheel since it is such a pain to pull off...


well, i've ordered some solid tires, not "foam" airless, but a high resilient elastomer. they're low profile, and not very wide, but i think i might have found our solution...traction & load are it's claimed strengths.

big problem tho...the vendor i ordered from is being a real joker about getting my tires to me. he's had my money for a week, i got the installation tool last friday, but he hasn't answered one email or phone call about whether he's actually shipped the tires.

if things work out, i'll divulge the tire and the vendor.

if things don't work out, i'll certainly expose the vendor :devilish:


The wheels I have are Worksman stanless steal 26" x 2" clincher type rims that came with solid tires. I removed the tires and installed tubes and after market fat tires 26x 2.125 . That worked out fine until I rode on the shoulder of the road for awile. Now it seems that I get a flat every week . The rear tire already has double the amount of slime in it than recomended. That didn't seem to help matters I like the rims . The rear has a 22 tooth single speed with Shimano coaster brake. Both front and rear are extream duty wheels its the tires and tubes that I need to change. The solid tires are worksman 26x 1.75 and fit only the 26x2" clincher rims. They are for a factory floor type situation I think as they are kinda skinny about a 1" tread. The rims being 2" wide I think I can go with a much much wider fat fat boy tire if I can find one. Tom in WV


item# 160075584460 for the searchbox

i'd love some tires like that on an extra set of wheels.

we got really clean asphalt here, i wanna build a totally-ugly laydown frame for flat-out speed someday, that rubber would fit the bill for sure :devilish:


I haven't ever really been a fan of slime, but it may help someone, somewhere.
Check out some Bontrager Hardcase.
I've only ridden the 700c personally (quite a few though), but have lots of confidence and experience with all of the others.
Of the hundreds of customer flats I've changed, I've only changed a bontrager hardcase twice. I've never had to change a tube on my bike while running a hardcase.
I think using some quality tires should eliminate your need for slime and liners.

They are 30bucks each (maybe cheaper online), but for what it's worth, they get my seal of approval. (Maybe Heath's too)


Has anyone used Specialized's armored "Nimbus armadillo 26'' tires? They look to have a nice tread pattern and sound like they might be pretty tough. I think they're like $35 each.


Another good puncture-resistant street tire is the Schwalbe Marathon Plus, about $45 each. These have a pretty solid reputation in the recumbent world. You can get punctures in them, but you usually have to put quite a bit of effort into it.
The only downside of these tires is that they only come in 1.35" and 1.75" wide, not the 2"-2.3" I'd prefer.