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Discussion in 'Bicycle Repair' started by scubaru89, Oct 4, 2012.

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    I've been using my bike for all of 3 weeks now. It's used on roads, sidewalks, the local asphalt trail, and some gravel. Needless to say the Walmart tires have held up as I expected.... Bike/PhotoOct03100400PM.jpg

    I want to upgrade them but don't know what would be a good tire. Its not like I'm putting a tire on a mountain bike, I'm delivering far more power and demanding more from this mountain bike and therefore need to build around my needs.

    Saw some good looking cheaper wheels on Amazon that should do the trick however with winter on its way I want to have something that will grip in snowy, slush conditions. Anyone have some recommendations for me? Wheel size is 26 x 1.75 (Standard Mountain Bike)

    Better for spring/summer:


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    The Continental Town & Country (or similar) might be a good tire for you. You don't say what kind of drive you have (I'm assuming that's it's not a friction drive.) But the T&C has an inverted tread pattern that should give good traction in snow, but has a solid center portion that gives a smooth, 'slick' feel on pavement. 00-3300-026-TREAD.jpg Continental Town n Country.jpg
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    I have 6 months on my Kenda 838 mostly road and trail and they are fantastic!