Beware of this welder guy!

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    Below is a link to images of emails that were sent between Michael Pert of & myself. I had purchased a Recumbent Trike Hitch from Mike for $320 at the beginning of June 2009. I was told that he would have to build it. No, problem for me seeing that I didn't need it until mid July. In mid June I was told that it was at the Powder Coaters and that he would have it back within a week. A few weeks went by & I received an email stating that he could not build it for me and that I would get a refund for $320. Well, its now August 17, 2009 & still NO REFUND! Attempts have been made in contacting Mr. Pert, but he does not reply. So, all of you that know him or have done business with him, please tell him SHAME SHAME SHAME on you Mike. For those of you who are thinking of doing business with him or, I WOULDN'T!!!

    I wasn't the only person he has ripped off with regards to buying a Trike Rack. Below is an email I received from Recumbent Cycles of Utah.

    Like you, we ordered 2 double racks for customers, and were stiffed by Michael Pert for over $1,000. I've never dealt with so dishonest a business person before. Also like you, he lead us on that the racks were in production and then he simply stopped communicating. He obviously stole our money too, and caused our customers disappointment that were expecting racks and were promised they'd be delivered on time by Michael. I feel bad for him if he is having financial difficulties, but to intentionally mislead customers and steal from people who prepaid for racks is, I believe, unconscionable.
    Recumbent Cycles of Utah

    Since then Mr. Pert's site is no longer up, but he does pop up on the Net trying to get customers for welding jobs. His latest scheme is Bay Area Metal Works out of Tampa, FL. Nice review of him ripping off again. Still haven't gotten my refund!

    Anyway, if you come across this guy, don't do business with him. He is a FRAUD & needs to be back to prison.