Safety Beware the fenders!!!


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May 21, 2014
it's because people don't pay attention to the wear and tear on their fenders, they don't make sure they're secure, and when this happens you have a fender fly off either wheel and it'll cause you to wreck because it gets under the tire.
fenders are the least of my worries as you've seen in my previous posts about I probably need to give my carburetor a good cleaning
Using zipties is not a great solution especially if they're the white ones which can break down in a couple years exposure to sunlight. Sure they're rust proof, so is stainless steel bolts and they're 10 times as secure and stronger.

Also these new Planet Bike fenders come with a special break away feature on the front fender, that if the fender does become jammed into the tire it will break itself free of the stays.

My new/old J.C. Higgins motorized bike has these and they're nice fenders. They keep the road debris off of the engine and myself, they're quiet and lightweight, and they fitted up without needing any new hardware other than came with the fender kit.

That they also are safer than my old Mt. Zephal fenders is a plus.

Don't be go cheap on accessories that might injure you.


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I only used zip ties on my Schwinn(walmart) remember that frame broke in 3 spots over a course of 1,500 miles...which was my first motorized bike. The bike I have now which is on my profile Avatar. Is a newer bike. It's the Margaritaville bike made by BCA (Bicycle Corporation of America purchased from eBay). This bike I check support bars and bolt connections before I even ride it.
And if I do use zip ties, I'm an apprentice electrician so I use the 11 inch cable ties. And they're black.. right now the only thing that has zip ties on it is my front basket and the back cargo basket, just an extra security measure to keep it secure
As you go in Florida it rains practically everyday and my bike gets wet when I ride it. Metal causes rust, vibration causes wear and those two combined are a deadly for a bike. Zip ties I use have never failed me and they're rated at 75 lbs.