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  1. Ray_ja

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    I am new to this hobby. I just purchased a new kit from Boy Go Fast and I have some build questions. Any help that i can get regarding the carbarator connections, clutch, and electrical would be much appriciated. I have an old schwinn 3 speed beach cruzer.

  2. professor

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    Hi Ray, welcome to Motoredbikes!
    What are your questions?
    I don't have an HT kit but lots of guys here do.
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    Hi Ray and Welcome. I've been very satisfied w/ my BGF purchases. Did you receive an email w/ pdf installation manual download from BGF? If not, email Mr. Shi back and get it. It's in ENGLISH and is concise and informative. Good Luck w/ your build. These things are a Blast!
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    Ray Ja

    Welcome to the board Brother. Need help, what with? Give specifics, your in the right place. Never did say where you were from?
  5. Ray_ja

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    I am from Tallahassee Florida. I think I have figured everything out except the connections associated with the carborator/linkage. Any help would be much appriciated.
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    Check this out too.
    NT CArb Tuning Basics

    Does this help?

    ... Steve

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    Thanks Steve. That diagram helps alot. I am almost ready to fly the road. Can't wait really. I have 4 kids so my build is taking a little longer than I thought; lots of modifications and no rushing. I like to do things right and take it slow but this weekend I will take pics and run it for the first time. This site is awesome.:grin5: