Bicycle (bike) Trailer Designs and Options

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    Thought i would post this information as someone asked me about trailers.

    Some good examples of trailer designs:

    Some good examples of trailer designs:

    1) The Extrawheel:

    2) The BoB Ibex: (in the url, replace the **** with and in one word without the full stops - d.a.m.n, so you can view the link - it's highly frustrating that the filter system does not allow the link to be posted as a faithful reproduction of the original) http://pedal****

    3) The Aevon Bicycle Trailer:

    4) The Oxtail Trailer:

    5) The Mayacycle Trailer:

    6) The Midget Tailrat Trailer:

    And the best tandam axle trailer of them all - this is the best of the best of the conventional style trailers with a special wheelset of 4 wheels and independant suspension:
    There are other conventional trailers like the Burley range, that will need to be adapted in some way if you want to carry heavy cargo, but they do have a designated cargo trailer to suit most requirements.

    If anyone can find other good designs or alternatives, please post links or photos.

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    For a project, the bones for a good trailer, (especially, I thought, a camper-trailer...) is here.

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    Very nice...

    One could easily mount two pillow block bearings with a solid axle on there and turn this into a lightweight, yet heavy duty trailer for a bicycle!

    Not to mention the 20% OFF coupon!!!!