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bicycle-engines.com are fantastic to deal with.


Active Member
Jul 23, 2020
hi folks,

Just to let you know just how good they are to deal with, Since i ordered my Zeda 80 from them on May 8th 2020, i had a few very small problems and here is what they were and more importantly, how they dealt with them.

First problem was the throttle twist grip would not seat properly in its normal rest position, it would turn back further than it should, I got on the phone with them, (NOTE that they always pick up with a real live person within 2 or 3 rings), Told them the problem and they told me that they have a six month warranty on their stuff, Sure enough, I had a brand new set of grips complete with kill switch etc. delivered free of charge within 2 or 3 days from their Montana location.

Second problem was the gas cap didnt fit tightly...They sent me not only a new gas cap, but also an entire new tank also delivered in 2 or 3 days.

Third slight problem was ongoing but only called them today about it...The carbie, though not really leaking was always just a little bit "weepy", there was always just a little wet reside on it that i would just wipe off so as to reduce the gas fumes i was smelling...Called them today about it, and they just said, No Problem and are sending a new one to me being shipped out today.

They have never once asked me for pictures or even wanted me to send the old stuff back to them.

What more can be said, They blow away BikeBerry.com by a mile in customer service...Im a happy camper...If you havent yet, you should really put them on your list as a "Must Have" supplier...DAMIEN


New Member
Sep 2, 2020
Glad to hear ,I heard they are good, will be using them and a couple more out there I like, but yes it don't take much to blow away Bikeberry, I have yet to do a review on them hoping they would do the right thing, but does not look as if they are so I got a BBR stage 3, with 12 miles on it guess I'll make a boat anchor out of it