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    I am in the market for kit t put on my bike. Here's the question: What is your opinion on this kit?
    see link

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    I don't really know whether to give you the best answer I can or to point out that you really should make your intro post a true introduction, and then post your question in another thread. That would make the staff and moderators happiest.

    Why don't I try to split the difference:

    Glad you joined up! Tell us about yourself.

    Now as far as that motor goes....That appears to be a somewhat upgraded version of the basic 2-stroke, in-frame motor that is known around here as a "happy time". Many of us believe that the happy time is just the right motor for beginners. The reason is that you can get them cheap. You're not putting a lot of money at risk. It will ride you around fairly reliably (though beware; there are quality control issues. I'll address that a few lines down.) long enough that when you finally do have to give up on that first engine you will know whether you want to replace it with the same thing or move on to something that's a bit more expensive, but higher quality.

    If you are new to motor assisted bicycles, then I would definitely recommend a happy time engine. I can't quite judge whether that particular one is upgraded enough over the basic happy time to justify the higher price. Maybe other members will come along who have a better notion than I do.

    These engines seem to be slapped together in some overseas factory with very little quality control. The vendors are really not responsible for this, it's just the way things are. But this makes it important that you buy from someone who is trustworthy. Don't buy from someone on e-bay simply because that's the rock-bottom price. You can just about count on zero product support.

    Vendors with a reputation to protect will surely be more concerned with you receiving a product that at least works. Be careful that you don't void the warranty by, say, breaking the head or something like that. Avoiding that, you should find your vendor to be reasonable.

    I've never bought from But I don't recall hearing any bad publicity.
    If I were making a purchase right now I'd feel confident placing an order with them, as well as a handfull of others.

    Best of luck to you. We hope you build yourself a bike successfully, join us and have fun.
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    more bout me

    Thank you for the input. What would you "upgrade to" once that engine is kaput?
    Here's a lil about me. I am 33 y/o from Ohio. I got into bikes first off because my wife wanted and older bike like the old hag from the wizard of oz. That got me hooked! I bought myself an old raleigh and fixed that up. Then I got into muscle bikes, I have 3 of those now. A friend knew I was interested in bikes and found me a 66 typhoon 3 speed which is being restored now.
    I always wanted a motorcycle, but did not want to go through the license process and I really didn't care about going 110mph on 2 wheels anyways. I did howevere always want a scootedr or moped.
    To make a long story short, I was builind bike after bike after bike and then stumbled across an ad for a bike engine kit. From then on I have been scouring the net to research it.
    I will either put it on my 66 typhoon 3 speed, or my custom typhoon frame that I turned into a larger schwinn krate, (will have to add a front drum brake).
    I like the krate look, but I also LOVE the cafe racer look. So, I'm a lil torn.
    I would like to know which is more comfy for long rides and which handles better.
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    Once that first happy time engine has given it's last, then there are a few upgrades to look at. One would be an in-frame 4-stroke engine. Or else a 2 or 4 stroke rack mount with friction drive, chain drive, even belt drive.

    Myself, I'm a former two time happy timer who's now gone electric. I like the electric quite a bit. But one of these days I might build a four stroke, rack mount chain drive.

    I'm not familiar enough with the bikes you mentioned to give much useful info on them. But a typhoon 3-speed sounds like one of the old-style straight tubed diamond frames. If so, that's an excellent frame for mounting a happy time engine. I'm afraid, though, that that 3-speed hub might be troublesome as far as mounting the engine drive sprocket goes.

    But if that does cause you trouble there are ways around that. And you'll be able to find the answers here.
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    typhoons are middleweight cruiser frames. should work. Can i use cassette gears?
    i like the idea of furstroke, just not as cool looking lol
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    cassette gears? do you mean five-eight chainrings with a derrailleur? you can absolutely use that.

    You're right; in frame four strokes just aren't as good looking. And rack mounts aren't as good looking, two or four stroke.

    As far as style goes, the happy time is king.
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