Bicycle furniture

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by srdavo, Dec 5, 2006.

  1. srdavo

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    I was so inspired by the bike furniture I have waaaay toooo many old wheels lying around. (and a tractor seat)
    submitted for your approval:


    this thing was like putting together a puzzle. I almost didn't have enough hands & c-clamps at times. Sure, its not all new & pretty like the web site....but it sits okay!! been too cold to paint anyway. :idea: I can get stuff powdercoated at work, hmmmmm?

  2. Tom

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    wow. that is way cool! I once made an old bicycle into a cube. That was fun.
  3. istbenz

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    well done! i bet you'll never convince your wife to let you put it in the house though!! :lol:
  4. bird

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    that thing is pretty bad*ss you should leave it all rusty and cool looking.
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  5. Cookie

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    That is kool I would put it in my house just like it is ....

  6. that is cool my wife would kill me if I brought it in the house.