Bicycle Prices Too Double

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    I was listening to the news...........soon will come sticker shock to all.

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    i DOUBT IT
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    Have you seen the prices of used bikes on Craigslist? They've gone up. And Walmart's bikes have gone up....example from 99.84 to 114.95 for a 26" mens' 18 speed bike. Both demand and prices have gone up! They've sold out all their mountain bikes except for eight remaining, and they were girly bikes and 2 women's cruisers.
  4. That doesn't really bother me as much as the "Made in China" stickers all over bicycles you find in the BIKE SHOPS! If bike shops carry made in China stuff,then how are they better than what you find at Wal Mart?
    Sorry for slightly derailing but it's kind of on topic. These higher prices would KILL the bike shops because it's still lower priced.
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    How are bike shop bicycles better than Walmart?

    Bikes made with better materials (Steel and aluminum comes in different grades. Guess which grade the dept store bikes get?)

    Each bike comes in a range of frame sizes for proper fit (Yes, bike come in more sizes than 16", 20", 24", 26", and 27". Those are wheel sizes, for proper fit you need the correct frame size)

    Assembled properly (Improper assembly is a big problem at all dept stores.)

    Free tune-up within 30 days and again within one year (Cables stretch and thus brakes and gears come out of adjustment.)

    Discounted/free accessories and bike customization with new bike purchase (Helmet, water bottle, wider seat, taller bars, racks, baskets, to make your riding experience more enjoyable.)

    Sales person actually knows about bikes and can steer you to the bike that actually makes the most sense for your type of riding. (You don't need a MTB if all you never ride leave the road or jogging paths, how about a nice comfort bike?)

    Supports local family owned business (Always good to do.)
  6. Yea but if you know how to turn a wrench you can pretty much tailor your bike to fit you.
    It's just that I've always known that if you want Quality,go to a bike shop. If you want a once a year riding basic bicycle,go to a Department store.
    I've come to this realization the other day when I went a few miles to the bike shop that had my back rim for pretty cheap. They had their shares of quality road bikes that ran 4 grand and more but the cruiser bikes although very nice had that made in China stickers on it.
    I've always thought those bikes were reserved for the Wal Mart stores. So now what's keeping those bikes from ending up at Wal mart?
    Check this out:
    It says the shipping weight is 36.5 pounds. The bike by itself should weigh in at about 20 or 25 pounds considering the packing for shipping has to weigh at least 10 to 15 pounds. I've picked this up at the Wal Mart and I can assure you that aluminum framed bike is rather light and look at the price.
    Then I picked up a Carbon Framed bike costing 2100 dollars at the bike shop. WOAH! It felt like only 5 pounds! But the sales guy tells me it actually weighs in at 19 pounds.
    So were only talking about a few pounds here.
    Go over to your local Wal Mart and check out that bike. It's the one with the super skinny tires. It's the one that die hard roadies pay top dollar for a better product of course but look at what 158 dollars buys you.
    Now go pick it up by the frame.
    See. It won't take long before Wal Mart will take over.
    Yes bike shops have these tuners that can dial in your bike.
    But so can you if you put some effort into it.
    But soon that will be the only edge they will have.
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    Yeah, but that $158 road bike only comes in one frame size (no good if you are shorter or taller than average), has crappy single wall rims, doesn't shift as well even when adjusted properly, has lower quality bearings and cables, will wear out faster, and most likely end up turning people off to bicycle riding because they'll have a less enjoyable cycling experience than if they would if they bought a properly set up bike from a shop.

    Sure being able to fine tune your bike is a skill everyone should have, but honestly most people don't take the time to learn. Otherwise I'd never hear anybody riding around with their derailer clicking or hear their brakes howling like a banshee.
  8. DougC

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    I'd agree that a real bike shop will sell you a better bike than Wal-Mart (or any other big department store).

    First off--bicycles come in different frame sizes, and this is critical to their comfortable use. Most "Wal-Mart" bikes are only available in one frame size, and the employees there know nothing about which frame you'd need even if you're standing in front of them.

    Secondly--Wal-Mart specs their bikes on prices, and wants to have the lowest price, and they are perfectly willing to sacrifice quality to get the price. This is not a rag on Wal-Mart for being evil, it's just a fact of what business they try to do. Name-brands don't matter anymore; you get what you pay for. The $350 Schwinn at the bicycle store is built quite a bit better than the $150 Schwinn at Wal-Mart. If you will use the bike enough to see the difference is another question entirely.

    Third--bike shops make sure their stuff is assembled correctly. For the most part, Wal-Mart does not assemble bikes, the assemblers in China do that. When bikes get to Wal-Mart, all that remains is to put the stem+handlebars into the fork and tighten it straight, and put the front wheel on and maybe put the saddle on. Wal-Mart people don't do anything else to the bike.


    As far as cursing Chinese-made stuff, well,,,,, -most bike parts are made there now. Some parts can be sourced elsewhere, but you will be buying upper-end to get that. And not much bike parts comes out of the US these days except some custom frames.
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    All of the bike shops that I've talked to in the last 2 weeks said that the prices on the new 2009 bikes were going to be about 10% higher because of the cost to make/package/ship nowadays.
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    Hmmm, eventually gas prices will be too high to transport stuff overseas and everything will be made locally again?
  11. When I bought my Schwinn at Costco I had to redo so much and make sure everything was tight before I even set off to riding so yea. When they hang those bikes like it's clothing not much care is done with them. In fact,I had to keep exchanging bikes at the store when I was pulling them out for some were missing parts like the coaster nut and bolt.
    Then my coaster didn't last but only about 500 miles before I gave up and converted it to freewheel. The coaster on MOOP2 is OLD but it's a Shimano OLD and with just some grease that puppy is as smooth as can be even with it being so old.
    So you still get what you pay for but I just can't help to think that a factory in China could be making parts for Wal Mart AND our bike shops.
    I dunno. I wish Schwinn or any other bike company originally from the states come back.
  12. Mountainman

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    I would be willing to pay much more -- for things made locally -- but -- sad to report -- don't see any manufacturing of any said goods -- returning to the USA any time in the near future... As long as the price of oil is on the rise and the US stock market down -- prices for bicycles and other goods -- are probably going up ^^^ Double ?? Think that would take some time.. Until then -- Happy Riding from - Mountainman
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    I'm with Mountainman. I'll go out of my way to buy U.S. goods and services (GEBE for example). Sometimes, it isn't so easy....Like some years back, I was shopping for a truck. I went to the Dodge dealer and they sized me up and figured I couldn't afford it and had bad credit, so they ignored me and pretended I was invisible. Actually, I have great credit, and I could afford to buy anything I wanted. So I went to the Chevy dealer and bought a Silverado. Take that, Dodge! What's my point? ---Some (not all) American companies make it hard for us to buy American goods and services.

    Oh, and guess what? I just bought a Huffy Cranbrook today for $89.67 at Wallyworld. Take that, you surly bike shops!
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    watch that cranbrook front fender!!(public service announcement)

    I remember when they(cranbrooks) were $69. hmmmmm? :lol:
  15. mark2yahu

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    Come to think of it, I've been riding HT Chinese bicycles since 1971. Yep, I learned to ride a bike in 1971, in Long Beach, California. The bike was made in Taiwan. We couldn't afford nice clothes. Our toys were secondhand from a thrift shop called Value Village. Schwinn bicycles were, like, the top of Mount Everest for us kids. Even Santa Claus couldn't afford it (or so we were told). So you know what I rode? I rode a Royce Union, made in Taiwan. Four years later, I rode a Murray. God forbid if the other kids saw you riding a Huffy!! That was social suicide. But nowadays, just about every other person at the beach rides a Huffy bicycle. My point is this: if it weren't for the HT bicycles, we wouldn't have had bicycles when we were kids. These things don't change.
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    So they did go up !

    I know what you mean by that front fender :lol: lolol!
    They were $69? The manager even gave me a price break because it had cosmetic flaws :D
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    Man I had almost forgotten about the Royce Union bicycles we sold at our shop between 1970 to 1973.. I think that before we were selling them they were made in the UK and then when we carried them - made in Japan and then after that - like so many others - Tiawan... While in our shop one day - a couple of salesmen from Tiawan walked in with a bicycle - asked us what we thought of it - we put it on the rack - that thing was a piece of junk - couldn't straighten the wheels - gears were a real joke --- they went back to the drawing board - a year or two later - in dept stores - Tiawan cheap bicycles appeared - got better and better in time - most companies now have moved there -- that's where my mountain bike is made today -- thought that I would never say that.. Happy riding from - Mountainman
  18. mark2yahu

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    Great story, Mountainman! I forgot that Royce-Union was once British. Nowadays, almost anything made in Japan is highly regarded because of the quality.
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    I guess it depends on where you live. Our Walmart seems to be full stocked with bicycles and I haven't seen any noticeable increase in people riding them. I think the high heat here deters most people from riding bikes.
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    It's not as much the cost of fuel as it is the devaluation of our dollar against other currencies. It may soon become cost effective to start producing bikes (as well as other products that are largely made overseas) here in the states again.