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    It used to be you got your bicycle registered at the local police station. When I was a child some cities required it and they would periodically go through the schools bicycle parking area to make sure everyone had a bicycle tag on their frame. I don't think they do that anymore but there is an effort at the national level. If you bicycle gets stolen the local police check it in the national database and if it is registered then it comes back to you. There are two options I found and I kinda like the LoJack stickers better as they look like they have pre-printed numbers on them. The other option has a blank spot for you re-write you bicycle serial number in ink on it before attaching to your frame. I have a feeling the pre-printed ink will last longer. Oh, and they both cost the same amount, $10 for 10 years.

    ReuniteIT by LoJack

    National Bike Registry

    It may not save your build from getting stolen but at least you will have peace of mind knowing that its been registered and if anyone tried to re-register it or gets caught riding it you have a very good chance of seeing it again...for $10. :furious3:
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