bicycle road rage

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    This has happened only twice to me, I doubt it happens much in urban settings, if I were an over-correction panic-pants,... I'd be dead.

    Yesterday a semi buzzed me (less than 10 inches) at around 80mph obviously for fun, as I noticed him in my mirror and he never even considered using the extra left lane (as the law states) to pass.If I had rocket boosters I'd have caught him and beat him to death with my bike frame.

    Does anyone know of a bicycle mounted RPG?I'd like to be able to take the back tires out of a vehicle, so I can slowly pedal up to them, pull my dog beater, and spoon out their eyes and reproductive parts, you know to help further generations, it's for the children.

    To any PC-pooties out there, the last paragraph was a venting joke, the above story, TRUE.

    Watch those mirrors, if someone has an extra lane to the left and don't use it, be prepared to ditch in the dirt at 25mph.

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    Had that happen to one of my local spandex road cyclists. After the wipeout he chased the guy down in his driveway and the guy rolled down his window and the cyclist pulled him out through the open window, kicked his butt and stuffed him back throgh the window and road off. Now he knows where he lives!
  3. butre

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    I carry a pistol for that kind of trash. I want to get me a Taurus Judge, a little bit of .410 buckshot in the offender's sidewall ought to slow him down right quick.

    a bit of broken spark plug ceramic in your pocket does wonders too, easy way to break a window
  4. 2old2learn

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    I read a story recently where a cyclist shot and killed a dog that chased him while cycling out in the country. Turns out it was a decorated combat shepherd. It didnt say if the cyclist was bitten, so I assume he wasn't.The dog was shot in his hind quarters.

    I have never considered riding with a weapon but defend everyones right to do so. What is always true, is that if no guns are present, no one gets shot. I went to school in the deep south and we had school fights from time to time. If anyone were to pull out a weapon of any kind, they would have been branded a coward for the rest of their lives.
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    I only pull my gun if my life is in danger. If someone in a 10000 pound mall crawler is trying to run me and my 48 pound bicycle into a ditch, I consider that a threat on my life.
  7. The_Aleman

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    IMHO, a bicyclist, motor-assisted or not, needs to run flashers in daytime, front and rear, regardless of urban surroundings or country lanes.

    LED flashers are inexpensive and use very little power while making you much more visible to other people. Nothing is more valuable than that to a bicyclist.

    From my experience, this has also cut down on a lot of road rage!
  8. troyg

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    OK, I'll assume you didn't read the story, either way aleman, you win the prize for
    "The most imbecilic response to a forum thread", congrats.
    HOW in the hell is a flasher supposed to stop a driver who is purposely trying to buzz you to make you over-correct and go down, for their own sick enjoyment?? HOW aleman?
    It's broad daylight, I have a huge fairing that reflects light like the sun itself, there are two lanes, and I was in the designated bike lane.
  9. troyg

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    You know I have a judge, but I have the rifle version,wouldn't chop it, and if you've ever fired one, you may as well use an RPG for how loud the damn thing is.
  10. troyg

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    OK, I just noticed you're from nocal, no offense, you are completely out of touch with middle america, farm-country, BFE, whatever you want to call it, and so you don't get uppity, I'm also from CA, just left long before the collapse.
  11. troyg

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    Though probably way too costly, this would solve some of the problem
    it would be so neat, calmly ride home, check where the person is, get in your cager, and find the *******, they would be in shock, in all likelyhood you could get away with throttling them if you played it right.
  12. 2old2learn

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    One of the best red LED flashers Ive yet seen for a bike is on clearance at Autozone, nationwide for $9.99 if my memory is correct. On the open ocean it has 5 miles visibility. It runs on 12 volts. I have a splitter off my 12v Li pack that powers my headlight and runs my rear flasher. Its about 2x3 and has 9 or 12 LEDs in it. Extremely bright for its size. I aim mine down at a point about 50 feet behind my bike so it wont blind the drivers behind me.
  13. troyg

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    Did you even read the original post??!!How is a flasher supposed to stop a person "WHO SEES YOU" and is trying to run you off the road.Your response promotes consumerism, but does nothin else.You win the second and third prizes for "most imbecilic response to a forum thread", the third would be the "if someone used a weapon in my day they were considered a coward", that is also nonsense.
  14. 2old2learn

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    Your childish diatribes suggest you might be the type of driver who runs people off the road. Road rage and most other types of rage are due to a lack of self control. Practicing tolerance and patience often makes us better human beings.

    We cannot control what others do, but we can learn from their behavior, what not to do. I hope that others on this group site choses NOT to follow your example!
  15. troyg

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    Well, if we're gonna play mad-libs
    The lack of intelligence, outlandish assumptions, and stating of the obvious in the above quote, suggest you may be a drunk that likes drinking to excess.
    I don't drive, a little research here you can read I'm car free, so that shows a lack of common usage of info at hand on your part.How would someone on a bike run someone in a car off the road??
    I stated, I was riding my bike, in the bike lane, a semi came up behind me and tried to brush me at 80mph, and you're putting this on me, you're a moron., there is no assumption on my part in this aspect, it's a fact.
  16. mikedabomb

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    If you define what you think a "better human being" is as a person who has tolerance for bull crap like running people off the road, then you're mistaken. Practicing tolerance just allows for the bull crap that you don't like to continue. You can control what others do, you can convince anybody to do anything with the right means. To change some people, like sadistic people, they just have to be met with violence since their mentality does not contain any reasoning. Trying to reason with unreasonable people is futile. Being a sheep and just "practicing tolerance and patience" breeds bad habits in other people. An example - if everyone had a tolerance for robbers, then the people who want to rob others will rob until they come across someone who does not have a tolerance for robbers. That's the principle that the whole world reforms on.
  17. troyg

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    I think I understand what 2old2learn was trying to say, as moronically as he did, here's the crux:
    "maybe you've done something in your past to deserve this semi almost hitting you on purpose", but he and aleman's responses come off like the guys that blame the women for the way they dress: (use your best douchie accent)" Hey,... he was riding his bike,... he was asking for it."
    In looking up semi's, and other cagers purposely running down bicyclists I found this quote

    "if you want to get away with murder in california, slump the body over a bike on the side of the road".

    People don't give a &^%%$$ about bicyclists, appearently even bicyclists here prefer to place blame on a 200LB GVW MAB rider VS a fully loaded semi who would purposely run him down from behind , "he was asking for it".
  18. 2old2learn

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    I'm not challenging your experience nor your righteous anger. I'm suggesting your misdirecting it towards innocent parties who support your right to ride safely in traffic and not be disrespected by inattentive or angry drivers.

    While your bike most likely has appropriate safety lighting, others might not. So my post was directed for those who may still be seeking better lighting systems. I in no way meant that your incident was your fault. Had it happened to me, I also would have been ****ed off.

    For those of us who do drive cars and trucks, we must be attentive to cyclists, joggers and people's pets. I suspect cyclists, like us, are more attentive of cyclists when we are driving than non cyclists.

    I do feel badly for your experience and hope it was a case of inattention or poor driving and not maliciousness. Be safe.
  19. The_Aleman

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    Troyg let me tell you a little something. You should watch your attitude and broaden your f*ing mind.

    Considering your outraged response to mine, along with many other disrespectful retorts, I'm not surprised someone is trying to run you over. Word gets around.

    So you live in a smaller community, eh? Maybe you should be nicer. Some truckers won't care, sure, there are at least as many asshats in trucks as there are on bicycles.
    Many just as mean. There are many who like to buzz bicyclists, and bicyclists would do it back if they could, don't you think?

    In general, having flashers cuts down on that stuff. Exactly what I said. How do you have this big of a problem with it? There are always exceptions to the rule, don't get stuck.

    I live in a small community surrounded by walnut and almond farms, but I'm 30 miles from Sacramento. I'm not in touch with farms? :whistling:
    I've pedaled southern Alaska, central Iowa, years in North Dakota. I've pedaled over 100K in just about every condition there is.

    If you think I haven't been buzzed by trucks, in your situation, you're 100% wrong. No matter what, you'd better be nice to your neighbors.
    Plenty of people here been buzzed. It's just a fact of life when going slower than traffic.

    What your problem here is that you fail to even _see_ beyond your original post. You've said your piece obviously, so maybe you should shut up.

    What happened to you is always gonna happen to someone else somewhere. All you can do is make yourself noticeable - and in this day and age, maybe record while you ride.

    Sounds to me like you're just mad because you wanna sue but can't. Don't forget your hanky ever.

    You are an _enormous_ hypocrite! Such a narrow-minded ultracrepidarian who can't see outside the box you put yourself in! :thinking:

    Karma is a thing, and again, what happened to you will happen again, sometime and somewhere to someone. Whattyagunnado? Go cager?
    Scream your tired indignation to the moon? It'll still happen as long as you move slower than everyone else.

    Look at it like evolution. You're obviously slower and weaker than those around you, they want to take you out.
  20. troyg

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    And there's that cali, smug indignation, you know how everyone should, act, speak, think, react, how long I should vent, and when you don't like the retort, when to shut up, beautiful.It's a public forum, I like to vent, too bad for some, change the channel if you do like my retorts.Also, if you like make believe it's not my business, but religion is a topic that is not OK on this site, karma has to do with exactly that, keep that stuff to yourself please.