bicycle shops hate us !!!why?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by robin bird, Oct 3, 2009.

  1. robin bird

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    Why is it that every time I go to one of our 2 and only bicycle repair shops iam greeted with disdain and negativety. Like today i was getting a new front axel, new fenders,gel in tire tubes, wheel truing and guess what --very sarcastically - you should get rid of that thing its not safe (it is a brand new Santa Cruz Scooter Works Boxter bikes) and i spent $100-i spend far more on my motor bike --cant they see the business potential??
    Then the guy shows me a picture of a Honda 125 street bike that you apparently dont need a motorcycle license for.
    I was going to buy one and a half years ago a Kawasaki 650 all terrain bike and drive to Costa Rica in the winter with my friend--but my wife said no motorcycle--so this is the next best thing and i told the guy-he shrugged his shoulders and said i should spend the winter convicing her.
    But they do push the electric bikes.
    We REALLY NEED a professional motorized bike builder here!!

  2. Youngbird

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    Thats a fact RB. I have found that the 2 shops nearest to me were very friendly and helpful....until I mentioned a motorized bike. Then it went straight to h&ll. No help, assistance and they wouldnt even true a wheel for me. Guess my money isnt as good as the "purists" they choose to cater to. Go figure.
  3. kerf

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    My local bike shop is on a first name basis with me and really great guys. They get parts for me at a discount and handle all my wheel issues, while I wait. I couldn't be happier.
  4. machiasmort

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    I get the same attitude up here guy's... These "certified bike mechanics", think they know it all. Fact of the matter, they are brainwashed and the other half have a business axe to grind... How are electrics any safer? Because they were put together by a professional, Bwhaaaaha!
  5. Pablo

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    It's an ecoweenie, stud thigh mentality. Better than you attitude. Yet a lot of these guys tell their dates they have "open minds".

    We find it in the bus. to some extent, but above a certain level and money is money.
  6. BAM

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    ive had same kind of experance with my bike shop happy as could be till i told them i was putting a kit on it its going to rib spooks out not safe i thought they would like cool man have at it neadles to say i bought my bike eleswere
  7. t0lly

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    Same here, when rolled it in the door all but one of the staff put their noses in the air and walked away. I felt the one that did assist me was trying to get me out the door as fast as possible. Just about every part I asked for they said they didn't have and I would be better off ordering from the internet. Even when I said I would like to support my local shop he scoffed and said I would be wasting my money.

    Tell you what is even more fun; Every Tuesday a large group of roadies has a ride right on my route home from work. I have run into once and luckily I couldn't hear their cursing over my clutch noise.
  8. Skyliner70cc

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    Where I live, mostly every rider is a spandex wearing Lance Armstrong wanna be. MB riders are viewed as unfit and lazy. Funny thing is that I run 5 days a week with my two boxers and hit the gym regularly. I ride a bike for pleasure not for fitness, hence the motor.

    I still buy my parts locally but don't bring the bike in. If I need a new wheel, I'll bring the old one is so the shop can swap out the freewheel.

    Now the only carp I get from the bike shops is how low tech my bike parts are. I recall being made fun of because I dropped off a 10 year old suspension fork ot have some work done on it. The snootiness is not just reserved for motored bikes. If you don't ride/own a bike costing 2 grand or more, you won't get much respect in Colorado bike shops.
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  9. arceeguy

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    The bicycle shops here don't like MB's at all. In their minds, a bicycle is human powered - a motorcycle has an engine or motor. So they think we are bastaadizing bicycles when we strap engines on them. Personally, I think MB's are a hoot.
  10. seanhan

    seanhan Member


    I went to a bike shop they said " Thats cool could you bring it up here some time so we could see it "

    It was funny I brought my wheel in to get a new cassette for the GEBE wheel and the guy said what it that ring for ??? His sidekick said thats for a wheelchair. Ha Ha kinda funny !!!

    I think they are warming up to the powered idea, since they are selling a lot of e-bikes around here.. for $ 1500.00 bucks !!!!
    They had 3 out front on the sidewalk, They were Schwins and looked really cool ..
  11. give me vtec

    give me vtec Active Member

    One of the local bike shops here gave me the stinkeye and told me that he had just seen a cop give a couple mb'ers tickets for riding on the bike path. The other shop was full of guys that rode mb's to work... they were very interested in my sick bikes jackshaft kit. I guess they had all been on the fence about buying one.

    I guess its just about who is running the shop....
  12. machiasmort

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    Ask any qualified bike mechanic, E-bikes are safer. They leave you stranded w/out of juice, the extra 50lbs (on the frame) worth of batteries is no hazzard especially when they burst on impact, they would never short circut in the rain and burn anybody!

    I've got nothing against e-bikes at all, just don't think they should be misadvertised.
  13. seanhan

    seanhan Member

    I guess it's like anything

    Even if your not into it .. It can still be cool

    I can't stand Nascar !!! Buy when a car is out on public display I always check it out !!!!
  14. kerf

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    I know it's a long drive but you guys need to come here when you need a bike shop. Seems like ol kerf is the only one with a shop that doesn't hate us.
    Jason is the chief technician and we've had some good discussions about mods to my drive train. They supplied the parts for my two speed Staton chain drive.
  15. Mountainman

    Mountainman Active Member

    former bicycle shop owner here -- don't know what their problem is ??
    back when I had a shop -- we repaired anyTHING including bicycles
    I do know what you mean regarding the not so warm welcome at many bike shops
    we do have one bicycle shop close by in Santee -- near San Diego
    A&B Bicycle Shop -- that carries the Station Robin sets -- a cool THING

  16. moondog

    moondog Member

    Hi, MM.

    I own a bicycle shop. We work on anyTHINGs too. TVs too.

    We used to be a TV shop that also worked on bicycles.

    Now we are a bicycle shop that also works on TVs.

    I keep getting more bicycle tools and we are looking for a mill and lathe to make custom THING parts.

    If I could just find a 10, 12 gauge spoke threading tool. :thinking:

    Thanks, Steve
  17. arceeguy

    arceeguy Active Member

    I used to own an electronics/computer repair shop and we had a hobby shop too. Back then the flood of cheap electronics along with several competing "big box" stores pretty much took the wind out of our sails. (internet hobby stores also killed the hobby retail side) The art of repairing electronic equipment is pretty much dead I suppose.....

    Maybe that's why these bike shops don't like MB's as they are mainly inexpensive bikes with engines slapped on and not precision built $1000 road machines.
  18. Mountainman

    Mountainman Active Member

    some bike shops seem to have forgotten the Wright Brothers owned a bicycle shop
    bet they would have loved to see one of these MB THINGS !!!
  19. sparky

    sparky Active Member

    The bike shop over here seems to have mixed feelings about MBs. The shop owner is very impressed, while the workers actually just don't know what to think about MBs. Their jaws drop when they see my bike, and they don't know whether to smile or cry while running in terror. Honestly, I just think they're afraid that we know something they don't know... but they want to know and are just too afraid to ask.

    I felt like paying them to put a crank on my bike, which they said they'd be able to get to by the next day... but when 5 pm rolled around, they still hadn't gotten around to it, and 24 hrs was long enough for me to be away from my MB, so I just took it home and did it myself! I'm sure they didn't like the smell of mixed gas in their back room that whole day, but whatever...

    Every time the owner sees me, we always talk for a good 10 or 15 min about new bike technology... kevlar brake pads, electronic shifting, belt drive, 29ers, etc. On my last visit, he told me that he's getting a Gary Fischer 29er, which was interesting, because I had virtually made up my mind to get a single-speed 29er, as opposed to the other option on my mind -- a 24" BMX.

    I don't see how anybody working at a bicycle shop could be against MBs, other than the smell. As soon as we figure out how to get rid of leaky gas tanks... I think all our problems will fade away. And good communication (questions & answers) will always solve problems that shouldn't exist in the first place.
  20. SimpleSimon

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    There are 4 bike shops in this area. One is a spandex mafia type - about 60, skinny as a rail, long grey ponytail, grew vandyks beard/mustache, brags about riding in bicycle endurance runs and races. As for help, he's useless.

    Second shop is a bunch of roadies, all fairly young guys, with a shop near the university. They all ride to work, they all go for their morning 2 hour training ride before work every morning en masse. For all of that, they are helpful, knowledgeable, and interested in my project. They all keep asking when I'm gonna ride up to the shop and show it to them (problem is the shop is on a really narrow 4 lane main commerxcial street with very heavy traffic volume). One of the guys has a younger brother with severe mobility issues from a spinal injury that left him with only about 10% sensation in his legs - not a paraplegic, but impaired. He and I have been talking about taking a recumbent delta trike he owns and motorizing it with a propane powered conversion for his brother.

    The third shop does all of the contract work for the local cop shop on police bikes, and doesn't really do a lot of retail trade. They are a pair of older guys, brothers, who were both bicycle cops in New Orleans, and moved up here to open the shop upon retirement as cops. They are quite interested in the motorization idea, and are building a motorized tadpole for a younger guy who was a local motorcycle cop until he T-boned a car one night at about 50 mph, accelerating waaaay too fast from a stoplight in a residential zone. The young cop was off-duty and breaking the law when the accident occurred, and the insurance company refuses to pay him disability as a consequence. The brothers are just trying to help him out by building the trike for him.

    The 4th shop is the oldest in the area, very, very knowledgeable about everything there is to know about bicycles, and very helpful indeed. Good people, happy to offer advice and to source parts and equipment. That shop is the one I mostly trade with.

    So, 3 out of 4 are receptive/supportive, which I figure is a pretty darned good ratio.
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