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    Ran across what appears to be a great value on a bicycle stand used for working on your bikes.
    1. Choose clearance sale from far right in blue banner near top underneath the website name.
    2. Select page 5 of the clearance items.
    3. The repair stand will be in the bottom row, center.

    Got mine in today but just got home from work and it's 11:30 pm so I'll post an update tomorrow after I open it up and assemble it. Looks like a good value.


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    Follow up

    Got up at 6 am and assembled the bike stand. Certainly not the quality of a Park bicycle stand but well worth it's low price of $19.99. I will make a couple of mods to it so it will better accommodate the unusual large square aluminum tubing used on the frame of the modern Specialized Rockhopper 29ers, which also makes their bottom pedal axle area much larger than typical bikes and doesn't fit into the bottom bracket support on the stand as well as it should.

    It's going to make my rear mounted Honda GSX50 and Stanton pedal axle shift kit a lot easier to install once I receive it. Mounted in the stand, my bike seat is about eye level. So I won't be on my knees having to work on the bike, as they are still quite sore from having to beg my wife into letting me build this new toy!

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    Neat! Does it support an MAB or are you just using it for standard bikes?I'm looking at that motorcycle scissor lift.
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    This is a biicycle stand like you would see at a bicycle shop when the bike mechanics are working on a bike. I estimate my bike with motor mounted will be at the upper end of this racks safe weight capacity +- 20 lbs. Over time, I suspect I'll use it for tune ups, dérailleur adjustments, examinations for loose nuts and bolts and tire and flat issues.
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