Has anybody tried these, I ordered some today. I need stop and turn signals to get a registration in Michigan,and it looks like these might work and there wireless too.

Take a look

Here is what they look like,just do a search for more info. I just wanted to know if anyone was using them,and how they liked them. I am just a newbe and don't know how to link to a web site yet.


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they are cool looking ted here is link to their site anyone wants to look on another note have you been to the sec of state to see what they require to register. briefly you have to pay for an vin number then pay to have it engraved in your bike then pay to have it inspected by the law and aproved before you can get 3 year sticker. i decided i will take my chances and if get pulled over say i didnt know and will take care of it at that time.
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Beagle I was looking for someones comments on whether they had purchased these and did they like them,how did they work,were they worth $80.00,and will they work as a stoplight! A search only produced 1 persons opinion of them. I was looking for more comments before I spent $80.00

A search diden't get my questions answered.

Those are the coolest lights ever, but I would have 2 concerns:

1. Visibility of the rear light. Their rear light is meant to mount on the seat post. For a frame mounted engine, that would be ok, but with a GEBE kit the lights would be blocked by the engine (unless you are freakishly tall and your seatpost is very high.)

2. Ability to withstand motored bike shock and vibration over time. I bought a CatEye 1100, which is supposed to be a very tough light, and mounted it to the spark plug cover on the Robin/Subaru 35cc. Total failure. The engine vibration and shock of running over rough roads constantly caused the internal connections to fail, and the light only worked when the bike was not moving! I tried 3 different 1100's just to be sure it wasn't a defective unit. I ended up having to mount the CatEye on the back of my helmet, where it does work extremely well AND makes me look even cooler.

If you've already ordered these lights, maybe you can figure out a way to mount them with some shock absorbing material (like the closed cell foam used in camping mattresses). However, if that doesn't work, I will send you a free t-shirt if you attach both the front and rear Bicygnal units to your helmet and post a picture on MBc. I am not kidding.

P.S. Be careful if you do the helmet mounting, because that front signal looks pretty big and you might end up with some noggin region airfoil effect.

here is a review written by a consumer who mounted them on there pedal bike. They gave it a 3 out of 5 stars

Very cunning, and the wireless seems to work well. However, it feels cheap and the switches are particularly poor. The lights themselves are quite light but the mounting brackets are unnecessarily complex and weigh more than the light themselves!

A good idea, well thought out, but marred by cheap plastics and poor build quailty.
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Thanks a lot,that was just what I was hoping to find out. I had a little trouble ordering them from the uk as I diden't go through paypal! So I ordered something different,

Seems like all the turnsignals look cheap ,but I will try these.