"Big Boda" - this bike could work (literally)


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Sep 30, 2006
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You know, Pizza People are "naturals" for MB.com.

Build a Big Boda, bungee on a styrocooler, and "own the roads" on Superbowl Sunday.

Got a lazy brother in law on the couch?

Put his butt on Big Boda, deliver auto parts AND deduct 44 cents a mile on somebody's Schedule C.

Lotsa Specifics on a Big Boda Google search.


Like this one:


Big Boda load-carrying bicycle
Designers: WorldBike, Adam French (first phase), Ed Lucero with contributions from Paul Freedman, Matt Snyder, Ross Evans, Moses Odhiambo, and Jacob [last name?] (second phase)
Manufacturer: WorldBike and Moses Odhiambo's workshop
Kenya, 2002-05
Mild steel, woven papyrus passenger cushion
Dimensions: 84" h x 48" w x 24" d
In use in: Kenya, Uganda

The Big Boda is able to carry hundreds of pounds of cargo or two additional passengers easily, at a substantially lower cost than other forms of human-powered utility vehicles. It was designed to transport goods to and from market for entrepreneurs and consumers in developing countries. WorldBike originally designed a low-cost frame extension called the Longtail to be compatible with the low-cost Chinese-made single-speeds ubiquitous in East Africa. In 2005, it was redesigned to be more suitable with the Western Kenyan Boda Boda bicycle-taxi operators and for easier manufacturing in small workshops.


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