Big bore kits talk

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how about getting everybody's big-bore experiences. like what you have tried and worked or what did not work? what you want to try? thru the years of owning a "doll" i did not like it much. i spent thousands on my race bikes . my fam owned a yamaha dealer and a honda dealership, ive been a racer my whole life . i am a outside the box thinker. i love to push the max , so what do you say>? big bore pot luck . must be a bunch of us out there im currently experimenting with new case inducted setups. i would like to hear what mad sci-fi projects peeps have going. RJ
Robert has great luck with big bores, he has currently available "Torque Monster" 72cc setups that make 8hp and wheelie at will. His next run of Cali race motors is supposedly a 52mm bore(!). I love 2strokes but I'd have a hard time spending that much on a chinagirl though lol.
All the current big bore kits are having issues tbh,there are a few problems that have yet to be corrected though Don Grubee is currently working on theirs and the only one I know of to do so atm.These sleeves don't have a lip or retainer to stop them from dropping down in the jug as the dissimular metals expand at a different rate.They are also not pinned to stop rotation in the jug for the same reason as fore mentioned.lastly until someone makes a head that matches the bore no squish can be set properly,they also use flat top piston's and don't really gain that much torque. Properly setup stock engines can do wheelies all day if you know how to do a proper one.
That's a 48cc stock!

So is this one!

See where I'm going here?
Yea my last Roadmaster with just higher compression, supercharge CDI+NGK, and a 46t can wheelie and ride it out with a handlebar pump to start it like that too, but not like a bigger motor that does it purely off throttle which is what I meant. Need more torque or tons of gearing for that!

Didn't know about the sleeves dropping though, that sucks.
Here it is
Yes it is a mess I’ll be sure to work on stuff in winter coldest in 10 years they say. The 212cc mini chopper and maybe another bike. I want to go to Chattanooga TN but no one else wants me to kinda frustrating.
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