Big Chain (415) Or Skinny Chain (410)

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Karryhunt, Dec 16, 2010.

  1. Karryhunt

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    Anyone have any preferences or opinions on which is the best or worse?

    The reason I ask is that my 66cc Skyhawk engine came with the skinny chain that seems to whip a lot more than the 415 chain on my first engine. I am running the Creative hub adapter and 42 tooth sprocket cut for the skinny chain.

    The sprockets are perfectly aligned and I have adjusted the chain tension from sloppy to really tight which really didn't help that much. The chain runs direct from the engine sprocket to the drive sprocket without using the plastic idler. I wonder if the idler would solve the whipping problem or would it be better to go with the bigger chain? Any suggestions or recommendations appreciated.

  2. DuctTapedGoat

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    Go with the 415, definitely. Though, you would want to get a replacement 42T sprocket as well.
  3. MotoMagz

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    I would switch to a 410 KMC chain and you will be set.Do some searches for 410 chains.
  4. Karryhunt

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    Isn't this the so called skinny chain that came with the Grubee Skyhawk kits?
  5. DuctTapedGoat

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    I was checking out some old threads, and this popped up in a few. There seems to be some support for it.

    #41 Roller Chain


    This is the chain I got stock with mine, and it's great. Price at this site is 12 bucks.

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  6. MotoMagz

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    Sorry..I should of said try a better #410 chain Which is the KMC 410.I have not used the #410 chain that comes with the kits and I am pretty sure the qualiyt is not the best.#41 chain I have used and is a very strong chain with very little stretch.It is a little wider than the #415.If you switch to a wider #41 just make sure you have the room so it's not going to rub.
  7. GearNut

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    Hmmmm..... Just a thought: The Manic sprocket I got from Pirate is designed to use a 415 chain.
    A 410 chain may be too narrow to properly fit the teeth of the Manic sprocket?
    I am just thinking out loud here as I do not have a 410 listed on my chain specifications chart. I do not know how much difference there is, if any, in the width of the two chains.
  8. MotoMagz

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    __#40 (#425) 1/2 .312 5/16 .156 3,700 .41
    __#41 1/2 .306 1/4 .141 2,000 .27
    __#410 (#43) 1/2 .306 1/8 .141 1,600 .19
    __#415 (#42) 1/2 .306 3/16 .141 1,600 .26
    __#415h (#42h) 1/2 .306 3/16 .141 1,600 .26
  9. GearNut

    GearNut Active Member

    Thank you, MotoMagz! Sooooo...... The 410 chain is narrower that the 415 by 1/8".
    That would pose a problem in that the teeth of the sprocket would be too wide to fit properly in between the inner side plates of each link.
  10. happycheapskate

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    re: KMC z 410 chain

    NO, these are not the chians that come with grubee. The grubee chains have roll-pins in the links, and bind up TERRIBLY with any wear or misalignment from 100% straight. They are #. Throw them away.

    The KMC Z Chain is a bushingless "8speed" compatible chain that is probably one of the most common bicycle chains in the world.

    I use them on my MB with the Grubee 50cc and 36tooth sprocket. They DO whip a lot if you don't have some kind of spring tensioner.

    I would prefer to use the heavy duty "motorcycle" style chain, but I like my setup (cog on coaster hub) and have a spring tensioner (go-kart roller mounted on case screw).

    If you can run the wide chain, its worth 10$-15. I have one and will use it if I ever change hubs to HD.