big freewheel needed

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    I need to find a big single freewheel but I don't know how many theeth is available.

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    Look here at post number 140

    I do not use 8mm because the parts are not available locally.
    Ebay is the closest supplier for me.
    I use thats dax sprockets or sick bike parts and dax or fancy scooter drive sprockets on strong bmx chain .

    Therte are #25, 8 mm, bmx, and 410 setups . On one bicycle I use a 410 Diamond chain to keep it from snapping the chain LOL

    I hope this leads you in the right direction.
    The two piece rear single speed hub chainring setup will alow a large range of sizes.
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    The thread on freewheel adapter will work on a freewheel hub.
    Check here to see if you have a freewheel or a cassette.
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    A slightly redneck technique that I have used successfully is to use a 18 tooth freewheel and bolt a standard kit sprocket to it. The holes on the 18 tooth freewheel line up with the nine holes if the kit sprocket. I usually use 3 5/16 bolts and haven't had any problems. One has about 1100 miles so far. This will give you a choice of 36-40-44-48-56 tooth cogs, whatever is available.