Safety Big guys, fender danger and bad axles!

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    I've read a lot on fender danger but haven't seen a solution to the danger that lurks from ridding with fenders.
    Stock axles on beach cruisers are just regular heated steal and sometimes to long. Both situations create the need for a shorter axle and hardened steal.
    Being bigger just compounds the danger and need to inspect the axle more.
    With a bent axle a rim will cause movement and knowing that fenders allow less movement is simply put a serious danger problem.
    See Ya Later!
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  2. V 35

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    The big issue with fenders is they twang like guitars, and tend to loosen fasteners,
    and snap strut rivets. What is needed is a * heavy duty * strut to replace the bicycle
    ones, and a vibration dampening fastener. I'd like to see a fender built of very breakable
    plastic, with struts of soft aluminum. That way, the fender would shear/ and shatter,
    rather than mouse trapping the whole bike. I don't use fenders, or ride in the rain.
    I respect others do, by choice, or necessity.
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    Well, all bikes are different as far as fender struts, mounting methods and so on. One thing that bikes have in common is the topic.
    For instance my Micargi front fender mount brackets bolt directly to the front axle nuts.
    Two days ago I was putting my bike to the test and since my axle was so long and weak it developed a buckle in other words it was bent. This caused my tire to rub on the fender which would be the cause of the fallout you describing.
    I'm speaking from experience as far as the back fender and axle dilemma. I have no rivets either. All my other mounting points I am using Loctite So the setup is vary sturdy.
    Longer axles aren't as stout as a shorter axles and would be a dangerous situation.
    Please don't knock safety precautions.
    So today I purchased a shorter hardened steal axle and a better quality chain because I broke that screwing around testing stuff.
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  4. bideronit13

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    One more thing, just because you would ride a twanging guitar doesn’t mean I would.
  5. happycheapskate

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    You can buy aftermarket hardened heat treated axles in all standard sizes. Ask any serious bike or BMX shop.

    PS usually if you run fenders, you have to run smaller tires. I don't like it so I just don't run fenders.
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    Yea what he said..........fenders suck.
  7. bideronit13

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    Its easy for you to say because I happen to have a quality engine that I don't want rocks breaking it.
  8. Stoltzee

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    I sprayed 3 coatings of rubberized undercoating on the inside of the fenders and struts, and locktite everything. Theres no noise from them what so ever. So, if they don't vibrate theres no noise. Think about it. Ever try to get a peice of rubber to vibrate.