Big kid BMX

Discussion in 'Photos & Bicycle Builds' started by Jakylpops, Jul 5, 2008.

  1. Jakylpops

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    80cc HT
    Mounted on free bicycle built from assorted parts scavenged from the town dump/recycling center for free.

    Front wheel and fork from high end walmart bike somebody must have backed over in the driveway (the rest of the bike was a pretzel)

    Frame, unknown model Schwinn mountain bike (Nice light lugged frame with cool chainstay rear brakes)...guessing it's from late eighties since my thumb shifters came from it also.

    Biopace crankset from rusty old mongoose mountain bike.

    Handlebars and neck from faded old BMX bike.

    Rear wheel from father-in-laws rusty old huffy mountain bike that's been collecting dust for years.

    ....the seat $20 from Target.

    I even used my wife's leftover spray paint to finish it:grin:

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  2. EPIC WIN!!

    Very nice.
  3. NunyaBidness

    NunyaBidness Member

    nice ride Jakylpops
    and cool paint job
    when I paint my bike, I'm going to put some reflective paint on first, then tape it when dry and paint the color I want (haven't decided on the color yet) so that it has reflective stripes visible from any direction.
  4. ihatemybike

    ihatemybike Member

    Your handlebar position scares me, but other that that a nice build.
  5. SirJakesus

    SirJakesus Guest

    Great bike on the cheap! No rear brakes though? Looks comfy regardless. Happy trails!
  6. Jakylpops

    Jakylpops New Member

    Rear brakes are down below the frame on the chainstay. I've heard they tend to collect a bit more dirt and road gunk down there, but so far I LOVE them, the rear brake cable has straight shot right down the bottom of the frame, and stops on a dime.

    As for the position of the handlebars...I'm 6'5" 230lbs so that's just a natural seating position for me, it's also right about where I used to keep the handlebars on my last BMX bicycle (about 20 years ago :grin:) so it feels exactly like I remember.
  7. ihatemybike

    ihatemybike Member

    You only got 3" and 5 lbs on me and my bar are at the same angle as the head tube. I guess you're just kicking it old school.
  8. DiamondBack

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    Any chance you can post a pic of you on the bike? I have a buddy about your size, and he's convinced that he'd look like a sasquatch on a circus bike