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    Hey there everyone,

    I've been on forum for about 4/years now. I ride a Sky 66cc, on a 700c bike. Ok, all and all, I really just want to keep away from shift kit, and stay with rear sprocket.

    Can anyone tell me where I can get the strongest wheel for a 700c. See, I'm also 6' 6", 260lbs. I know I'm pushing it, but love these little bikes+ have had some very good luck considering my size.

    It does start adding up after you ave a rear wheel every couple of months???!!!

    PS- I've been thinking mags by Teny, but looking ??? Spoke wheels? IDEAS????????????


  2. BigBlue

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    How many spokes are you running on the rear? What is the spacing? 130mm or 135mm?

    I finally had to go to a 36h 700c on my road bike since I kept breaking spokes. I am the same weight as you.

    Good Luck,

    AKA: BigBlue
  3. Fabian

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    I have no idea what you guys are doing with your bikes; breaking spokes and all, but in 3 years of riding i have never broken a spoke and my bike is a basic model with Quando hubs, rims and spokes.
    I will say that i maintain careful inspection of the spokes for even spoke tension.

    If anyone should be breaking spokes, it is "I", with the weight i'm hauling (travelling up 18% grades) and the stupendous torque put through the rear wheel:

  4. geebt48cc

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    Dang.....................Fabian, now that's a load!!!!!~ Uno, guess you were going to be gone awhile huh? (Bet you have the kitchen sink in one of those trailors huh?)

    BigBlue, I've been using only 36h 700c. See, where I live here in SW Va, there are MANY,MANY very good sized hills. I'm sure that that really does help putting a very heavy load on the spokes. See, I've done quite a bit on this bike to really get the torque needed to concure about 98% of then with a respective pace. After each ride, I always go over spokes just to see and check for issues.

    I wish they sold a complete 72 spoke 700c wheel. From everything I've heard about, a 72 would be very strong. Anyway, I know that with a shift kit that many of the problems would correct themselves. LOL, I've done now about as much as one can with mods on engine and torque. I just would like to get a VERY strong rear wheel that didn't need to be worried about when you're miles away?

    Appreciate, Glen (See, I put a strong 3M tape on spokes to help strength + even used tie straps where spokes cross) I have had so far, stock 700c, Alex 700c, now using Weinmann 700c--------The strongest so far, These are all in rear.....36h.

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  5. BigBlue

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    With my Surly Long Haul Trucker, I've never broke a 700c spoke with the 36 spoke wheels. I have over 10k miles on the original wheel set. It is only on my road bike with 700c, 28 and 30 spoke wheels that I continued to break spokes, so I upgraded to 36 spoke and no more problems.

    Your problem is the torsion from the engine on the 700c spokes. It is rare to see anybody running a motorized bike with 700c wheels.

    An option would be to buy a 48 spoke rear hub and wheel. The hub has a disc mount for a King's Top Hat adapter to mount your sprocket. I am assuming you are using a rag joint mount. With a 48 spoke hub, you can't use a rag joint mount for your sprocket.

    The problem with a 48 sprocket setup is that the hubs are very expensive. Most are made for tandem bicycles. I have found a Halo Spin Doctor 48 spoke hub for a reasonable price, but it has a 10mm solid axle and not a quick release.

    This setup is for a 135mm rear drop out spacing. I am not sure the 10mm axle and 135mm spacing will work with your bike. If you have 130mm or 120mm rear drop out spacing, this setup will not work.

    With the Top Hat adapter, you can use your old sprocket, but will have enlarge the mounting holes. Or just buy one of King's quality sprockets. Chainstay clearance for the sprocket may be a problem with the Top Hat Adapter.


    If you want to keep a stock look and function, you can buy solid axle quick release cams locks. You'll have to buy their 10mm adapters. They sell on Ebay:

    If you decide to go the 48 spoke route, do your homework before you buy anything since you would have some money invested. I would hate to see you invest time and money and it doesn't work. You would basically be a pioneer with this setup.

    Good Luck,

    AKA: BigBlue
  6. Fabian

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    The Axle Release system is an excellent design.
    Can a conventional quick release axle be replaced with a solid axle, and if so, what are the dimensional specifications that i'll need to look for and which is the best or strongest grade of solid axle on the market???
  7. BigBlue

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    Good question for your LBS. I've seen some posts on the internet stating that you can convert a quick release to solid.

    Good Luck,

    AKA: BigBlue
  8. LR Jerry

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    Get a Staton Inc hub on a Rino Lite double walled rim 12 gauge spokes 36 hole. The left side of the hub has left hand treads for a left hand freewheel. You can attach a larger gear to the freewheel. The axle is extra heavy duty and uses 4 sealed bearing. This will take the stress of your spokes and put it on the hub. Go to Staton inc to look up the hub. They will also lace up a rim for you as well.
  9. BigBlue

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    OP states he has 700c wheels and Staton sells 26" rims with his hub. I guess OP could ask Staton to order a 700c rim. The hub is for 135mm to 140mm width. Width of dropouts for OP bike has not been determined. Diameter of Staton hub axle might be an issue. Op hasn't determined if a 10mm axle will work with his dropouts.

    A left handed flanged freewheel to bolt a sprocket might work, but reliability might be an issue. Even Sick Bike Parts Heavy duty right handed freewheel has had reliability issues. I would think a Chinese made freewheel would have more issues.

    A left hand threaded brake disc adapter would be an option for the Staton axle. Sprocket could be bolted to the adapter which is threaded onto axle. However, it is not ISO standard for bolt patterns, so a custom sprocket would have to be made from a blank or from King's. This would not be a freewheel system.


    Sun does sell a 700c Ryno Lite 48 spoke rim for $34.99:

    It would go great with that 48 spoke Haro Spin Doctor hub for $56.00.

    AKA: BigBlue
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  10. geebt48cc

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    Fabian,BigBlue, and LR,

    I'll check it all out!! Appreciate you guys giving me advice here. I don't ride the bike hard at all..........Just after a few 100 miles, the rear wheels I've had , and one I'm using now, start to loose there punch after using them on all the hills in this area!! Uno, finding the right wheel, should be small potatoes considering it's really not CHINA engine related.

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  11. grinningremlin

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    First, so d.a.m.n. cool that you're using a 700c, the speed must be incredible!OK wheels, I can't remember the make someone please pipe up and help him out, they are the somewhat new style they use on racing 12speeds, with few spokes and a VERY thick (thick in regards from nipple to hub) rim?The LBS dude told me of a wreck he had while riding those,he didn't even have to true them after the crash. Couldn't he have those drilled for more spokes?
  12. geebt48cc

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    Awesome Grinn,

    It does very well considering what it is................ I've done quite a bit of mods too. LOL, uno, I'm 260lbs, and just about can keep a very good pace. See, it's not all spokes that I'm worried about. With my weight, I'm pretty rough on load on rear bearings. When I take wheel off and spin it, I can tell everytime, it's getting that much worn. They are sealed bearings too..............

    Bottom line is............These little bikes are not meant to carry that much weight, at consistent speed & time.?! So, take your choice----Spokes---Bearings? ..........Guess one can average maybe 200 miles before something gives??? Really just depends on how you part your hair.......
  13. LR Jerry

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    I'm 6'2" and 240 lbs also my engine is mounted over the rear wheel. My Staton hub works great. It was built and designed for motorized bicycles. That's why its extra heavy-duty. With the right adaptor you should be able to connect your gear to the hub. I've never liked connecting a gear to spokes. Being apart of the motorized bicycle world means coming up with ways of making things work. You can also call David Staton and talk with him personally. He's a good guy to work with.
  14. grinningremlin

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    Jerry is spot on, I believe they have two sealed bearings per side.Though I don't know if Staton will have the thin spacing your bike requires.I'm stumped, other than a bike with your lb rating in mind.You've got me wondering if I should convert my old Fuji Opus III, it screams under human power,... just imagine.
  15. Fabian

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    I have no idea what you guys are doing but my bike uses standard (base model) Quando hubs spokes and rims and in 43,000 kilometers i haven't broken a single spoke or wheel component from transmission related torque, and i'm known for hauling serious weight. My wheels and frame are still completely original equipment. It's only now that i'm thinking of throwing a new rear wheel in the bike, just to be on the safe side, but the wheel and hub bearings and freewheel are still in (surprisingly) good condition.

    Please tell me what you are doing to keep breaking these components ? ? ?
  16. geebt48cc

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    Fabian, at least on my part, it's nothing but really just straight line riding. Where I'm concerned being a big guy really puts the rear bearings to work. See, pulling weight, vs sitting weight may be the factor?! I'm getting ready to get another rear wheel very soon. This will be my forth rear wheel sense new at 760 miles ago. Uno, I would very much blame it all on rag joint sprocket, but this time it's not spokes at all, but play in rear hub (rough spinning) when everything else is tight?

    At this time I'm sticking to rag-joint, so which 700c rear wheel of all out there should I get?

    Appreciate............ any links?