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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by wrenchin 4 fun, Jun 18, 2016.

  1. wrenchin 4 fun

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    I haven't been messing with MBs for a couple of years even though I ride one regularly. Last week I made a big mistake. I logged onto this website and was bitten again. I pulled my old Stiletto roller out of storage and pulled my old 66 Chinagirl off the shelf. I spent the last two days putting everything back together. After fabricating custom controls, I filled the tank with 40:1. She roared to life on the first kick and seconds later I was tearing down the road. Now I remember why I was bitten the first time. This damn thing is so much fun to ride. Just placed a $70 order with Kings for misc. parts. Will work on LED lights and a lighting coil tomorrow. Since the chopper won't be ready, I'll ride my cruiser in the 4th of July parade.

  2. dougsr.874

    dougsr.874 Active Member

    Good luck getting anything out of Kings....same as Gasbike....
  3. wrenchin 4 fun

    wrenchin 4 fun New Member

    What do you mean? What's up with Kings and Gasbike?
  4. Frankfort MB's

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    They don't stand behind orders sometimes, I've had good luck out of them.... Their BBB rating is an F-.... I had better grades than that in high school:)
  5. wrenchin 4 fun

    wrenchin 4 fun New Member

    Wish I had known. There are plenty of other vendors out there. Thanks for the warning, maybe I'll have good luck like you did.
  6. David Bogle

    David Bogle Member

    Save your self the possible hassle in the future, if you must order from king/ Gasbike, order on EBay for the protection, I read that even that has received it's first bad feedback but you'll at least have PayPal and EBays guarantee.
  7. wrenchin 4 fun

    wrenchin 4 fun New Member

    Happy to report that I received my order from Kings and everything was included. Shipping was pretty quick as well. I've already rebuilt my clutch and it works like new. I hooked my 66 chinagirl up to a Sachs moped exhaust and it sounds pretty good. I don't know yet if my lighting coil works cause I don't have a rectifier yet and all of my lights are LEDs. Might take a rectifier off one of my other bikes for a test. Will post photos shortly.