Big Mo The Choppa King is alive, and present.



Greetings from Canada!

So ive been scoping out all your bike online for the last couple weeks, and today I decided Im in. So I joined the Forum, and I am stoked.....

I have a couple great choppers, but my most recent purchase has made me want some more power. My latest purchase you ask? A Big mo Chopper!

I have already added a couple mods, Huge apers, Pedals, Seat, Electra Grips, Saddlebags. But what this bike really needs is a engine and electrical system. So, Anyone with experience on motorizing a Big mo, please give me some tips, Im not too sure if the frame is the exact duplicate as a stingray, but I am sure they are pretty similar. Anyway great to meet you all, pics to follow. O and if you are in the Vancouver area, and you got some tips, or parts, please message me to let me know. Thanks.



big mo is an awesome bike. love to see pictures when you are done
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