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Discussion in 'Frame Mounted Engines' started by Jon Kimball, Jul 20, 2008.

  1. Jon Kimball

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    I recently put a new woodruff key on the small gear because the last one sheared off. I thought I had fixed everything but when i went to put the cover of the front sprocket (the one the chain is on) the cover wouldnt settle on the mounts because the stud or whatever you wanna call it that goes into the little hole that engages and disengages the clutch was sticking out too far and it wont go in any more. So now my bike is stuck in gear and i dont know what to do. Any help would be appreciiated


  2. stude13

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    search for clutch adjustment
  3. Jon Kimball

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    I did but I cant find anything on my particular problem. Has anyone else had this problem?
  4. Did you try adjusting the star nut?
  5. wavygravy

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    it whould help others to know what kind of engine ect. your working with so we might be able to answer your questions!!
  6. Jon Kimball

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    Its a cheapy from eBay, what is the star nut and where is it located? Is that the one on on the opposite side of the engine that goes on the clutch plate? If it is how would I adjust it to suit me, Right now i have it tighted as far as it will go because I took off the clutch plate when I had the woodruff key issue, should it be loser?
  7. Jon Kimball

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    Thanks misterright, Ill just loosen it until i get to where I need it, trial and error.
  8. Jon Kimball

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    Loosened it and nothing, I even loosened it to the point where the plate was barely staying on and still nothing.
  9. Jon Kimball

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    Any pointers? Im really stumped. I havent ridden in it weeks. To give you a prelude of what happened up to this, I had about 70 miles on it and then the key sheared. Took the gearbox apart, put it back together, now I have this problem. Sorry to pester, I am getting really frustrated.

    Thanks in advance
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    Ok so are you talking about a 2 stroke? Like a 48cc or a 70cc ???
    If So, are you saying the (chain drive sprocket Cover) won't go on because the small pin that disengages the clutch is in the way????

    When you're putting that cover back on have you got the clutch arm in the correct position?? It's not swung right around.
  11. Jon Kimball

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    Yes its 49cc and I yes i made sure the arm was not swung in the wrong position
  12. What did you do to take the gearbox apart? I would take the clutch rod out then take a magnet and pull the ball out and make sure they are ok. Then take the clutch plate, on the other side off again and make sure you put it in properly.
  13. Jon Kimball

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    The ball and rod are fine. I will upload a pic of everything in a few minutes in case their is any visible trouble with the way i reinstalled everything that people more experieced than myself can point out.

  14. Jon Kimball

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    Here are the pics, Oh and by take apart the gear box i only mean taking off the small gear and putting a new woodruff key on it, but I also fooled around with the large gear but I never did anything serious to it.
    With Clutch Cover off..
    The farthest the bolt will go in..
    Clutch cover on..(I know that the set screw isnt in there, but it isnt missing I do stilll have it just havent put it on since i took everything apart)

    Thanks in advance

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  15. Jon you sent me a PM about the shaft going too far in...

    Hey finally got right key but the clutch wont engage. The peg is too far down in its slot so when you pull the clutch cable the clutch arm just swings freely with no resistance. So now yet again im stumped haha.

    I told you the ball was probably missing. Did you find the ball, or get another?
  16. Jon Kimball

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    found it, forgot to pm you sorry. It was a few feet from the bike in my garage
  17. So you put the ball in and now the shaft wont go far enough in?
  18. Jon Kimball

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  19. Put the clutch plate back on, tighten the star nut up half way, and see if the rod fits. I believe that the rod that the star nut screws onto is spring loaded and when the nut is on the shaft is pulled outward allowing more room for the ball and rod on the other side.