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    Just finished it a couple weeks ago. Of course I was riding it BEFORE it was really complete. I call her The Widowmaker. Trikes are just dangerous.
    It's got a motorcycle control unit for all the lights, choke, horn, ect. OCC fatties for rear tires and wheels that I laced to Niagara cycle hubs and Staton bearings. Front caliper and rear disc brakes. I clocked her at 33mph before the engine was broke in so perhaps 35mph now. It is another one I put together to sell. Hope the pictures come out.

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    Those occ rear tires look perfect on a design like that. I'd like to know more about it and see better pics those are too small. I'm interested in how to make my own trike rear end and how you figured out the hubs and installed them etc.
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    Trike build

    sorry about the pics, I'm still learning to resize my pics to fit this site. They can be only 97.7kb. and all my jpegs are like 900kb and better.
    I bought the rear end off sleaze-bay, about $150.00. got the hubs from Niagara cycle works,(Great bunch of people), and being that I have the 5/8" axle I could'nt use the 15mm bearings that came with them. SOOO, off again to sleaze-bay to find bearings. (found some) at a place in K.C. Missoury called Industrial Equipment casters. They make bearings for hand trucks, but they are the same style that came with the hubs, I just needed the 5/8" instead of the 15mm that came with them.
    Then, having a garage FULL of old bicycle parts, I found the proper size spokes and laced the rims to the hubs.
    If you're going to BUY a rear end, try to get a 15mm axle. They are easier to order parts for. If you're welding your own together, Then all you need is a axle and bearings. But again, try to go with 15mm stuff. some hubs come with bearings (15mm not 5/8") Not that I could find anyway.
    Good luck, It's not as easy as a 2 wheel build, Which is what my NEXT one will be, With the Jesse James frame I just got for free.
    Big Red.
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    great looking trike. and niagara cycle works is a good shop. i've ordered tons of stuff thru them. keep up the good work.
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    Thanks Bro.