BIG tire bike. Engine kit help? W/pics

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by CrazyMan103, Jul 16, 2016.

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    image.jpg image.jpg So I got this big tire bike, super heavy to ride on my hills. Looking for and engine to help, wanting one that can go to the pedal gear axel thing instead of a chain on the other side of the bike that goes back to the tire. Obviously it's a small frame due to huge tires, but do y'all know of any kits that'll fit this bill?

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    It's the seat tube length that you should be measuring in the pic, downtube doesn't matter. I am pretty sure that there isn't room for a frame mounted engine. I have offered up my 66cc (the generic 2-stroke chinese engine) to a couple of bmx 20" & 24" and 24" jump bike frames and it is not even close to fitting those. Plenty of room inside the MTB/road hybrids though.
    I personally don't like rack mounts. Soo... I think the Sick Bike Parts electric motor & shift kit with a great big triangle battery pack in the frame would suit your needs. If you can afford a battery pack that gives you the range you want. I don't know what range you want or whether electric is practical for you.
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