Sprockets Bigger front sprocket?

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    First I just want to know how you search on two-words. I tried to find threads treating questions about " front+spocket" but I only got threads either containing, fron or sprocket.

    So I start a new thread :)

    Is it possible to change the front sprocket to at bigger one?
    Where can you buy one, or which one (other fabric) might fit?

    I have feed up with the engine roaring when Im only ridning 20mph.
    Changing the rearsprocket is a alternative, but it feels a bit awkward, so I rather change the front one...

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    It's a good idea to state what motor you have. The HT hasn't room for a bigger sprocket because the chamber won't allow room for one.
    With rear mounted rigs like Staton you can choose the sprocket/gearing ratio you want. Change your rear sprocket instead.
    Try posting a thread in Frame Mounted Drive-Trains and read up on the how to use the forum thread at the top of the home page.
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