Bike # 2

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by softride, Jul 27, 2008.

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    Nice bike, I had to peek at the Nova SS as well.
    Very nice good work!

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  3. stringer

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    thats a darned nice looking build right there! :eek:
  4. softride

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    bike #2

    I got a lot more pix of the mods I have done to post when they are both finished feel free to check out the Nova pix as well
  5. Unhappy Time

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    what bike frame is that? Nice nice build!
  6. softride

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    bike #2

    Its a Sun Atlas Industrial
    bought from therapy cycles in WA HUCKSTER STEVE did me a great deal I am leaning more to this as my commuter than the Softride with the GEBE which just may be my speed bike for next year.
    the blue collar kit is great just needs a bunch of mods which i will post when i can