Bike Air Horn



Hi Guys
I Hope im in the right forum.
Just purchased an aerosol air horn kit @ $3.00au for the can and the horn top. Im in the process of making a bracket to attach to the bike. beforehand i had inconsiderate drivers cutting me off and no respect for my prescensce on the road. Not anymore this baby pumps out the same decibells as a tugboat, it is an absolute killer. I get about 40 long blasts from one can, but when it comes to safety, Hey, whats $3 bucks. When i was testing out in the shed my wife kept coming out to complain about hearing a truck horn out of the front of the house.. HAHAHAHAHAH. As soon as the brackets are finished i will post some pics.
Cheerz for now......Gary
I'd be very interested to see your mounting bracket.

I thought of getting a refillable air horn, one that is attached to an air compressor. The problem is that I figured the air horn would have a valve so that I can detach it from the air compressor I already own... it seems that most refillable air horns need (or at least your need to buy) their own compressor, tho. Bummer for me.