Bike Bug Brother of The Year Award


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Jun 4, 2008
Carey Johnson - Bike Bug Brother Of The Year.
Carey Johnson of Rotary Corp. has been honored as Bike Bug Brother of The Year for 2014. Carey has been part of the ability to restore Classic Bike Bugs for over 10 years. Carey is the New Product Development Manager for Rotary Corp. He is the Goto guy for applications of Rotary's products for out of the ordinary applications.
Rotary Corporation is the world's largest supplier of aftermarket outdoor power equipment parts. Carey is the equipment & parts Guru of the company. If it's been built, talked about or needs a part, Carey knows how it works and what it takes to fix it.
Bike Bug first contacted Rotary 15 years ago trying to obtain a dealership for its products. We kept getting turned down because there were so many lawn equipment dealers in Houston, Texas. Finally by staying on the telephone and letting the people know we aren't in the lawn equipment business. Why are you calling us?- because we use your parts. After a while the lady said - let me transfer you to our New Product Development Manager - Carey Johnson. Well Mike Schneider & Carey Johnson met over the phone - it was like two twelve year boys meeting who loved going fishing. We just had a new friend and there was a new fishing hole we hadn't tried before.
Carey - Checked me out on the internet and remarked - Well You are the Bike Bug Man - I said yes and I need allot of Rotary parts and help finding things that might be substitutes for the Tanaka engine made 40 years ago. Carey sent the Dealer Application form and Rotary catalog. He generously offered sending samples of different items so we could tell if they would work in our application.
Over the years of rebuilding and helping other Bike Bug Brothers & Sisters locate parts, we have asked Carey for help. We have found throttle cables made in Argentina to Atom Kits made in Australia. Carey knowledge has helped many an older person who lost the driver's license due to health reasons are able to travel for their personal needs and still be active in life rather than having to rely on others solely for transportation.
Carey's Improved Bike Bug Engine also incorporates several Rotary parts which have led to several improvements over the original Bike Bug Engine. Some of the improvements over the Classic Bike Bug are: lighter, higher HP, protective, noise damping cover, electronic ignition, modular fuel pump/ primer, direct drive, simpler installation & removal. More information on Bike Bug can be found at, 713 962 2681.
The 26cc 2 cycle Bike Bug engine will propel Carey's bicycle at speeds of 5 to 28 mph and obtain close to 200 Smiles per gallon. It does not require license, tags, insurance, and inspection in most states. The rear mount engine is elected for good balance when installed or removed from a bicycle rack. The front mount is best for tricycles. Both engines perform similarly.
In considering the Award of Bike Bug Brother or Sister Of The Year - a person is selected who has benefited the community or another person with use of the Bike Bug engine. Well Carey has helped many of those fellows benefit others. Carey will be presented an Improved Bike Bug Engine, T Shirt and Cap as thanks to him from bunch of Bike Bug Brothers & Sisters who he hasn't met yet. Carey grew up in in central and southern California. He and Terry (wife) will enjoy the Bike Bug with their sons Stephen and C.J. and especially with his 6 year old grandson Nathan. Course he won't be at those breakneck speeds of his hobby - car racing.
What Bike Bug wishes for Carey are that he will be able to use his Bike Bug Engine for pleasure where his experience before with small engines has been for work. Just don't smile too wide when you pass that neighbor trimming weeds with his engine and you are just enjoying The Wind In Your Face.
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