Bike Bug from the UK

Discussion in 'Antique Motorized Bicycles' started by fastboy9, Nov 3, 2008.

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    That was the later, && better Bike Bug kit. These are very good kits, & there is a parts source in U.S., if anyone is interested.
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    please tell us source connection.
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    From the ad, it looks like all you're buying is the box! Mike Schneider is THE Bug guy, I'm sure a search of this site (and/or will point the way.
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    I can xerox copies of the owners manual, shop manual, parts manual, and some other tips... P.M. me if you are interested
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    Hello that was me who won that Bike Bug auction last week. The motor was new in box, seemed to be unused. A lady shipped it to the uk about twenty or thirty years ago and it just sat boxed in the garage all this time.

    I replaced the air filter, which was like soft cream cheese, with a trimmed new kitchen sponge. I pulled the spark plug and turned the drive roller and saw the piston move up and down, then replaced the plug which looked clean and new. I attached it onto my hybrid bike, and got a liter of gas/petrol and mixed it with synthetic racing 2 stroke oil 25:1

    It buzzed with pedaling for a few short attempts, but never really started. It did make some putt putt sound at first but after a few minutes of trying it stopped putt putting and then was just groaning.. so I stopped and drained the tank for another day.

    Now it lies dormant. I'll try again after some advice from you all about what to do next. Maybe I ought to check if the spark plug gives a spark or has the right gap, but I don't have the gap tool, or know how to test for a spark.

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    should be up and running strong soon

    you might want to just take out the plug
    set it against the engine
    give it a pull and watch for spark

    you can buy a gauge to set the plug -- any auto parts store

    sounds like it should be up and running strong soon

    after all -- it is -- even after all of these years -- brand new

    I would run it a little rich (extra oil) for a while

    have fun as you -- ride that THING
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    I forgot to mention a another thing Uncle Mike from helpfully advised me with. Below is part of an email to him. He's helpful and encouraging with my wobbly first steps to prepare the Bikebug. I had a extended business trip between my first attempt at starting it and writing this. I'll have a go at starting up the bike bug in the next few days. Gotta fix a bike belonging to one of my halflings first.

    I'll end this intro thread and restart it in another part of the forum... Thanks for the positive vibes! :D


    ...I unscrewed the spark plug, it looks like new, never used and turned the roller. The piston moved with it, it's all sparkling clean except for one of the three screws on the pump fixing plate. The black paint on both clamp brackets is peeling off.

    I removed the engine shroud, and opened and removed the air filter which was like cream cheese. Used some paper towel to plug the carburator air intake and then removed the chunks of sticky powdery goo that was the air filter. Having traced its outline first, I cut and carved a kitchen sponge to a similar shape for the air filter replacement.

    I then removed the fuel line at the primer and sucked and blew into the line. It seems to blow in the direction out of the tank towards the engine, but not
    sucking (back to the tank) .... OK so far


    to be continued... on another topic in the forum....

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    Got the Bikebug engine working today! About half hour of fiddling.

    Put some WD40 into the pistion, that sort of worked, anyway it made a put putting noise, but no power, just a drag.

    Took out the spark plug, sprayed some electrical contact cleaner on it, then after replacing it, still no power.

    Took out the spark plug again, this time scraped the spark plug contact inside the rubber cap, and sprayed that and the plug again with electrical contact cleaner. After putting it back in, then it powered right up.

    Little rough at first, needed the choke at times. Bit slow, but it pulls me along ok. I can smell burning rubber of the friction drive wheel forming itself around the tyre. :clap:
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    that should be a nice little engine

    from what was read on this site mentioned by Esteban

    that should be a nice little engine

    you say a bit slow
    yes - that may be so
    but - then again
    maybe it's not running up to par -- yet

    that smell of rubber from the friction wheel
    might want to check your adjustment

    take it slow as you check it out and ride that thing
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    Also, the friction wheel will dry rot from just sitting. Probably neeed a new one.
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    Thanks for that, it seems to me friction wheel is ok, solid. I ran the bike up and down the road last night for about twenty minutes. Picked up speed when the engine is warm, so seemed ok.

    Today I noticed the tyres were low, about 15psi, so pumped them up to about 45 psi. It was wet outside, so I also adjusted the clearance between the drive roller and the tyre to less than the 4mm setting for dry days, to about 1 or 2 mm.

    Then in the rain I did about four miles non stop on a bike path. Again seems ok to me, driving through wet leaves, mud and dirt bike path. Never went to full throttle but cruised at normal pedaling speeds.

    The owners manual say nothing about breaking in the motor. I think it's new, never been used. Wondering when I can go full throttle?

    Sky :cowboy2:
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    with that new motor -- at least a few or more hours of break in -- minimum would think

    a nice break in period can truly mean long lasting engine in many cases
    if nothing else -- let's the rings seat properly

    thinking that little machine will grow on you with time
    and as it does get broken in -- maybe even a little faster

    have fun as you ride that thing
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    i used to run one of these here in he uk.i hate the plastic rollers if you havent got it just right they soon wear out.the plastic cover on mine also became brittle and cracked in places.they run quite well and you should get a good 25 out of them.
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    You will find that by experimenting with different tires, inflation, & amount of pressure the drive wheel puts on tires, you will come up with the best overall performance. Run a few tanks thru the engine before going at top speed so much.
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    I don't know what your expectations are , in MPH, but don't expect higher speeds. 20-25 is probably average.
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    We are looking for Bike Bug Brothers who would like to have their smiling face and bike in the photo gallery.

    Please send your photo to

    Also if you have a video we will post.

    BITW (Brothers In The Wind)

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    Here's Mike !! Hope all is well.